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Special Weekend Hot Time Event

  • 2022.04.29 06:00 (UTC+0)
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The Stylish Fantasy World!
 Hello, Wizards! This is GM Lizzy.


GM Lizzy has prepared a Special Weekend Hot Time Event to celebrate the global launch!

We prepared Login Rewards for Wizards logging in during Hot Time. Please see below for details!

 Event Details
- Schedule: 04/30 (Sat) ~ 5/1 13:00 UTC(Sun)
- The Hot Time and Login Reward Event will proceed.
- The Login Reward will be stored in your mailbox for 7 days.
 - You can check Hot Time Buffs and their remaining time on the top left side icon in the game.

 Detailed Schedule


Morning Hot Time

(02:55~05:00 UTC)

Afternoon Hot Time

(10:55~13:00 UTC)

Login Reward

4/30 (Sat)

+20% chance to

Obtain 1-3 Extra Items

+20% Request Gold

 Push notification Login Reward

5/1 (Sun)

(A) +20% chance to obtain 1-3 Extra Items
- 20% chance to receive 1-3 additional items when collecting crafted items
 - When buffed, the chance to receive additional items is equal for each crafted item (1-3)

(B) +20% Request Gold
- Receive 20% extra gold when completing requests.
 - Can be stacked with Request Gold Scrolls and other buffs.

 We will be back with more news in the future! This is GM Lizzy, signing off!

Thanks a ton!

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