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Magical Atelier

Magical Atelier
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GM Notes


GM Notes

Rewards UP! LINE FRIENDS Screenshot Event News

The Stylish Fantasy World!

Greetings. This is GM Lizzy!


Big news for all Wizards! The LINE FRIENDS Collaboration Selfie Event has become much easier to join, and it now has more rewards! 

GM Lizzy will tell you how it all works. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3, so please don't forget to participate and claim the rewards!

We will also guide you through special events where you can get LINE FRIENDS items, so please check all the events below!


1. Participation Reward: GM Lizzy’s Gift Box + Mini-Game Ticket x1 + Premium Ticket x1,000

2. Winner’s Reward: Character Editor Ticket + Palette Dye Ticket x1 (3 Wizards)

3. How to Participate: 

- Step 1: Wear or place LINE FRIENDS items and take a screenshot!
- Step 2: Upload your screenshot of cute LINE FRIENDS costumes or furniture on your social media platform!
 ㄴ Don't forget the hashtag so you’ll be counted in the event! ▶#MAGICAL_EVENT
- Step 3: Get GM Lizzy’s Gift Box + Mini-game Ticket x1 + Premium Ticket x1,000!
- Step 4: If your post gets selected, receive additional rewards, Character Editor Ticket and Palette Dye Ticket!

4. Reward Distribution: 5/18

5. Reward Receipt: 5/9 - 5/16

ㄴA survey form will be sent to your social media account that you used when participating. 

☛ Screenshot Event [Details]


▶ See All LINE FRIENDS Events

◈ Event 1: 7-Day Check-In Event[Details]
 : Get 5★ BROWN & SALLY Lamp as the Day 7 Reward!

1. Schedule: 04/14/2022 - 04/30/2022 06:00 UTC

2. How to Participate: 
 1) Tap the [Event] button at the top left of the store screen!
 2) Check in every day by logging in!

 3) Get 5★ BROWN & SALLY Lamp for the Day 7 Reward!


◈ Event 2: Level-Up Mission Event- [Details]
: Reach Level 15 during the event period and get 5★ BROWN & SALLY Cake!
1. Event Schedule: 04/14/2022 - 04/30/2022 06:00 UTC
2. How to Participate:

 1) Tap the [Event] button at the top left of the store screen!
 2) Play Magical Atelier and get rewards for reaching certain levels!

 3) Get 5★ BROWN & SALLY Cake as the final reward for reaching Level 15!


We'll be waiting for you to join the event with cute LINE FRIENDS


This is GM Lizzy, signing off!

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