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Client Update

The Stylish Fantasy World
Hello, this is Magical Administration.

There will be a client update so that Wizards are able to view the opening animation while downloading the initial patch files after installing the game.

Please check the schedule below and download the latest client (Version 2.3.24) from Google Play Store or App Store.

 App Update Distribution
- Schedule: 2022/04/26 08:10
- Details: The latest client update (v.2.3.24) can be downloaded from each device’s particular store.
※ The appearance of the client update may vary depending on your device.
※ Players will be able to access the game without installing the newest update, but we recommend you update the client for a better gameplay experience.

- After installing the game, an opening animation will be played while downloading the initial patch files.


We will conduct thorough maintenance so you can have an even better gameplay environment in Serentis. (*´∪`)


Thank you.

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