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4/25 (Mon) Temporary Maintenance Notice

The Stylish Fantasy World
Hello, this is Magical Administration.

There will be temporary maintenance on 4/25 (Mon) from 22:00 UTC.

Please check the maintenance schedule so that you won't face any inconvenience.

◆ Maintenance & Compensation Details
- Schedule: 4/25 (Mon) 22:00 ~ 4/26 (Tue) 01:30 UTC  4/26 (Tue) 00:10 UTC 

※ The maintenance schedule is subject to change.

- Maintenance Compensation: Fast-Forward: 5 Min x40 + Compass x7 

Click to see the compensation table 

 ◆ Maintenance Content

- An issue where some items in the Villager Journal were displayed as a question mark and were displayed on the Black Market will be fixed

- Improve server stability

  Please Note
- Players will not be able to log into the game during the maintenance period.
- If you’re playing as a Guest, please link your account to prevent losing your data.

- We recommend you exit the game at a safe place since the items and Ranking Points you’ve acquired before the start of maintenance may not be applied.
 - Please understand that the game will be forcibly terminated upon the start of maintenance.


We will conduct thorough maintenance so you can have an even better gameplay environment in Serentis. (*´∪`)


Thank you.


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