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Maintenance Compensation Notice [1]

The Stylish Fantasy World
 Hello, this is the Magical Administration.


We would like to inform you about the maintenance compensation. We also want to thank our Wizards for their patience and understanding during the maintenance period.


◈ Maintenance Compensation Information
- The compensation applies to every maintenance including Regular/Temporary Maintenance.
- The maintenance period and compensation details will be provided in the maintenance notices.
- Compensation may be increased or adjusted depending on the situation.


~ 1 Hour

~ 2 Hours

~ 3 Hours

~ 4 Hours

~ 5 Hours

More than 5 hours


1 Min x60


5 Min x25


5 Min x40


5 Min x50


10 Min x30



will be given

Compass x3

Compass x5

Compass x7

Compass x10

Compass x10




Daily Expedition Compass x1

Daily Expedition Compass x2


Magical Atelier will always strive to become a place where you can visit and have fun anytime.


Thank you.

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