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Expedition and Dispatch

◈ Expedition

- There are 5 regions you can go an Expedition in, during which you can obtain Materials and Bonus Map Pieces.

- In order to enter the next stage, you will need Map Pieces from the previous stage.


◈ Dispatch

- You can send a Doll on an Expedition to gather Materials in your stead.

- You can dispatch a Doll once you reach Level 15. Just like regular Expeditions, Dispatch will require 1 Compass.

- By purchasing additional Dispatch Slots, you can dispatch numerous Dolls in multiple regions at once.

- You can use Fast-forward items to complete Dispatch faster.

[TIP] You cannot dispatch Dolls that are placed in the shop or at the Auto-Crafting Table!


■ How to Dispatch a Doll

1) Select Dispatch from the World Map, then choose a region and stage you want to dispatch Dolls in.

2) Tap on the Place button and select (up to 6) Dolls to dispatch.

3) Place the Dolls and send them on Dispatch.

- Dolls that complete Dispatch gain a small amount of EXP.

[TIP] The higher the dispatched Doll’s Grade and Level, the faster it will complete Dispatch.

[TIP] Dispatch will be under way even if your game is not running. Use as many slots as possible to gather Materials more easily!

■ Dispatch Reward

- The higher the sum of the dispatched Dolls’ instilled energy, the more rewards you will receive.

- If the sum is equal to or higher than the recommended value for a stage, the reward will be the same as from regular Expeditions.

- Expedition Request NPCs and Quest NPCs will not not appear in Dispatch, so you will not receive any rewards related to them.


■ Compass

- You will need a Compass to go on an Expedition.

- One Compass gets refilled every hour, and can stack up to 10.

- You can purchase additional Compasses, in units of 5, with Bucks.

[TIP] You can watch ads to obtain 5 free Compasses every day!


■ How to Go on an Expedition

1) Select the region and stage you want to explore.

2) Choose a Doll to accompany you and tap on the [Explore] button.

3) The number of objects that appear in the stage equals the number of times you can play.

[TIP] Did the game shut down during an Expedition? Don’t worry. You can continue from where you left off!

[TIP] You can increase the Expedition Speed to complete it faster.

■ Expedition and Dolls

- When you go on an Expedition, the instilled energy value of the accompanying Doll will be applied.

ㄴ If you explore with a Friend or a Guild Member, their value will also be added, allowing you complete the Expedition more easily.

[TIP] You and your Doll can explore alone, but exploring with others will make completing Expeditions even easier!


Friends, my Doll, Guild Member

- Upon completing an Expedition, the Dolls that accompanied you will gain a small amount of EXP.


■ Bonus Stage

- Each region has a Bonus Stage, which you will need 5 Bonus Map Pieces to enter.

- In Bonus Stage, you can obtain Doll Materials and Random Costume/Furniture Boxes relevant to the region.

[TIP] Explore all the regions as they each provide a different set of Costumes and Furniture!

■ Expedition Region Info

1) General Expedition Region Info


2) Daily Expedition Region Info

3) Bonus Stage Region Info

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