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Magical Atelier

Magical Atelier
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Villager Journal

■ Villager Journal

- It is a diary that contains information on the NPC Villagers.

- You can increase Affinity with a Villager by gifting them, and you can visit their home once their Affinity is high enough.

- Here, you can view Stories (Journal) and Memories you have obtained throughout the game.

■ Villagers

- You can view the Villagers you have met throughout the game.


■ Villager Info

- Tap on the magnifying glass  to view a Villager’s information.

- You can view Stories and watch Cutscenes (Snapshots) related to a Villager.

- The higher the Affinity with a Villager, the more information will be revealed. Tap on a Villager to play their animation and voice lines.


■ Gifting (Increasing Affinity with) Villagers

- You can gift Villagers to increase Affinity with them. Each Villager will have a preference for a special gift.

 ㄴ Special gifts, which you can purchase with Bucks, greatly increase Affinity.

- Once you gift a Villager, you will be able to gift again after 2 hours. You can reduce the waiting time with Bucks or Fast-forward items.

- Upon reaching certain Affinity Levels, you will receive new NPC Quests.

- Reaching certain Affinity Levels will grant you Affinity Bonus, with which you can obtain extra crafting buffs.

[TIP] You can increase Affinity by completing Quests and delivering Requests.


■ Visiting Villagers

- You can visit Villagers and interact with them in various ways.

- You can visit Villagers every day and receive gifts from them. You can also purchase the Furniture placed in their establishment.

- The higher their Affinity Level, the better their gift will be. They might even reveal a secret place to you.

[TIP] You can obtain a Villager's Costume as a collection reward once you collect every piece of Furniture in their collection!


■ Journal

- Here, you can view the stories you have obtained from Quests.


■ Snapshots

- Here, you can view the cutscenes you have obtained from Quests.


■ Animations

- Here, you can watch the animations that have been played.

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