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Costume and Wardrobe

◈ Costume

- You can obtain Costumes by crafting or drawing  at [K&Q Workshop], or by opening [Costume Boxes] which can be acquired during an Expedition's Bonus Stage.

- You can use K&Q Stamps at the Pack Shop to purchase some of the Costumes on sale. Certain Costumes can be obtained from certain Costume Boxes.


■ Drawing at K&Q Workshop

- You can Draw Costumes at K&Q Workshop with Bucks or Premium Tickets.

- You receive 1 free draw per day. You can receive another free draw by watching an ad.

■ Crafting at K&Q Workshop

- You can craft Costumes at K&Q Workshop.

- Each Costume requires a different set of materials.


■ Costume Box

- You can obtain Costumes from Costume Boxes. Tap on [Probability Info] to view the list of obtainable Costumes.


◈ Wardrobe

- You can view the Costumes you own. You can also Enhance, Dye, and Synthensize them.

- You can use the Style Slots to save your styles.


■ Enhancing/Synthesizing a Costume

- You can access the Enhance screen or Synthesis screen.


■ Dyeing a Costume

- 3★ Costumes or higher (except for a few accessories) can be dyed.

[TIP] Even if a Costume’s initial Grade is 1★ or 2★, it can be dyed once it has been promoted to 3★.

[TIP] You can change your avatar’s eye color from the Dyeing screen.


■ Style Slot

- Style Slots allow you to save various styles and switch easily from one style to another.

- 1 Style Slot has been provided for free. You can expand up to 6 slots.

- You can purchase a Style Slot with Bucks. The maximum number of slots you can have is 6.

Cost of expanding / Provided


- For the Costumes saved in the Style Slots, the Grade of the Costume with the highest Charm Points will be applied.

[TIP] Save your style in a Style Slot. You will be able to change into it in no time in the Square!

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