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How to Obtain/Use/Manage Dolls

◈ What is a Doll?

- Dolls help you with managing your shop. You can send them on Expedition/Dispatch or place them in Auto Craft.

- If you place Dolls in your shop, they will produce Gold and certains items at regular intervals.

- The higher the Doll’s Grade, the more Gold they will produce.


◈ Obtaining a Doll

- You can craft/obtain Dolls at the Doll Workshop by using Doll Materials.

- You can also open a Doll Box to obtain a Doll.


■ Doll Workshop

- You can craft/obtain 1★ - 4★ Dolls at the Doll Workshop with 4 Doll Materials.

- When you craft a Doll, the combination of materials you had used the last time will be saved automatically.


■ How to Craft a Doll

- You can add between 10 and 99 of each of the 4 types of Doll materials to craft a Doll.

- When crafting a Doll, the 3 factors below will determine the Doll’s Grade/Type/Product.

1) The number of materials used will affect the Doll’s Grade.

2) The ratio of the materials used will affect the Doll’s Type.

3) After the Doll’s Grade and Type have been determined, its unique Product will be randomly selected.


■ Completing a Doll

- It takes time to craft a Doll.

- You can reduce crafting time by using Bucks or Fast-forward items.

- Once crafting is complete, you will be able to view the Doll’s Grade, appearance, name, and imbued Element.


■ Doll Materials

- You can obtain Doll Materials from Doll-shaped objects during Expeditions.

[TIP] Bonus Stages provide more Doll Materials!


■ Doll Element

- The moment you obtain a Doll, such as when crafting one in the Doll Workshop or opening a Doll Box, it will get up to 3 random Elements depending on its Grade.

Initial Grade, random energy instillment value


◈ Edel's Luck

 ■ What is Edel’s Luck?

- Edel's Luck is a mileage system that allows you to choose a Doll's appearance or its Product when crafting a Doll.

■ Edel’s Luck Guide

- Edel's Luck is accumulated when you craft a Doll at the Doll Workshop. The amount depends on the total number of materials used.

- Edel's Luck consists of 3 levels. The higher the level, the more likely it will activate.

Very High


■ How to Use Edel’s Luck

- Once Edel's Luck is activated, the accumulated luck will get depleted, and the level will return to Normal.

- When a luck-induced Doll is completed, you can choose among 3 appearances of the same Grade.

- You can select the Doll’s appearance or the unique Product they can produce.


Using Dolls

◈ How to Use a Doll

■ Sending a Doll on an Expedition

- You can go on Expeditions with a Doll. The Doll’s Element value will affect the Expedition progress.

ㄴ Expedition Guide [Go]


■ Dispatching a Doll

- You can Dispatch a Doll. The Doll’s Element value will affect the Dispatch result.

- If the Doll’s Dispatch value is equal to or above the recommended Element value, the result will be the same as when you would go on the Expedition yourself.

ㄴ Dispatch Guide [Go]


■ Placing a Doll in the Shop

- You can place a Doll in the shop and obtain Gold as well as its unique Product.

[TIP] The higher the Doll’s Grade, the more Gold you will obtain.

[TIP] The size of the shop's floor will determine the maximum capacity of Gold that the Doll can produce.

ㄴ Floor Expansion/Construction/1st Floor Setting Guide [Go]


■ Auto-Crafting Doll

- You can place a Doll at an Auto-crafting Table to make it produce items.

[TIP] The higher the Doll’s Level, the higher the maximum quantity you will be able to set.

ㄴ Auto Crafting Guide [Go]


Managing Dolls

◈ How to Manage Dolls

■ Dollhouse

- You can view the Dolls you own.

- Various filters are available to help you sort your Dolls.


■ Instilling Energy into a Doll

1) Instill Energy

- You can replace the Element imbued in a Doll.


2) Transfer Elemental Energy

- You can transfer a Doll’s Element to another Doll.

- The Element value of the Doll receiving the transfer will be lost.


■ Enhancing a Doll

- You can enhance a Doll by using another Doll or by using Magical Yarn, a Doll Enhancement Material.

- The higher the Doll’s Level, the more Gold they will produce when placed in the shop.

- The higher the Doll’s Level, the higher the maximum quantity you will be able to set when you place it at an Auto-crafting Table.


■ Promoting a Doll

- If you enhance a Doll to its Maximum Level, you can promote it to the next Grade.

[TIP] All Dolls can be promoted up to 6★, regardless of their initial Grade.

Grade, Grade after promotion, number of materials required for promotion, required Gold


■ Changing a Doll’s Name

- You can change your Dolls' name to manage them more easily.

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