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Guild (Request/Donation/Ranking)

◈ Making a Request

- You can request an item that you need or send an item requested by another Guild Member through the Guild Chat’s Request tab.

- The list of items you can request depends on your Level.

1) How to Request Items

2) How to Send Items

- You can send the requested items freely within the Contribution limit for the day.


◈ Guild Donation

- Guild Members can donate Products or Materials that they own.

 ㄴ You can obtain [Contribution, Guild Points (Ranking Points), Guild Coins] through donation. The amount will depend on the item that was donated.


1) Normal Donation

- You can make a donation with items that you own without any limit.


2) Special Donation

- You can make a special donation a limited number of times per day. You can receive a bigger reward than with normal donation.

- The special donation list changes every Monday at 12:00 AM.


◈ Guild Ranking

- Guild Ranking is determined based on the sum of Guild Points obtained by the Guild Members’ donation.

- Guild Ranking is calculated every Monday at 12:00 AM. You can view the result and claim your reward starting from 12:05 AM.

- Once calculation is over, the points will be reset according to the Ranking Grade.

Grade, minimum points for grading, maximum points for grading, grade after calculation, starting points after calculation


◈ Guild Ranking Reward

- All Guild Members affiliated with their respective Guilds at the time of calculation can claim the reward.

ㄴ You can claim the Guild Ranking Reward when you enter the Guild Room.


1) Guild Ranking Season Reward

Reward for everyone, Bucks, Guild Coins

Guild affiliation reward, Guild Victory Points

※ How to Use Guild Coins & Guild Victory Points [Go]

2) Guild Ranking Special Reward

- The TOP 100 Guilds that have obtained the most Guild Points will receive a special reward along with the season reward.

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