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Crafting Costume/Furniture

◈ Crafting Costume/Furniture

- Crafting Costume/Furniture is a system that allows you to obtain a Costume/Furniture that you want by using crafting materials at the K&Q Workshop.


■ Costume/Furniture Crafting Materials Guide

- There are 5 kinds of both Costume and Furniture crafting materials. Crystals are used when crafting high-grade Costume/Furniture.

- You can exchange Stardew for crafting materials at the Point Shop.


■ Costume/Furniture Crafting Guide

- Each Costume/Furniture requires different kinds and a different number of materials.

ㄴ Basically, the higher the Costume/Furniture’s grade, the more materials it requires.

- Costumes that are 4★ or higher may require particular Crystals. As for Furniture, larger ones that are 4★ or higher will require Crystals.

- The [Nostalgic Atelier, Nostalgic Bathroom, Nostalgic Bedroom, Nostalgic Kitchen, Nostalgic Attic Room] themes will only require Gold.


1) Materials Required for Costumes


2) Materials Required for Furniture

Grade, type, required materials, required crystals


■ How to Craft Costume/Furniture

1) Search by Theme

- You can search for the name of the Costume/Furniture theme that you want.


2) Search by Parts

- You can search for the name of the Costume/Furniture item that you want.


3) Wish List

- You can register Costumes that you want on your Wish List.

- If you register a Costume/Furniture on your Wish List, you will receive a notification once you obtain enough materials to craft it.

- Your Wish List allows you to easily check and craft the Costumes and Furniture that you want.


※ Since this guide has been written for the test version, it may differ from the actual in-game content.

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