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Special Order and Affinity Shop

◈ Special Order

- Special Order is a weekly Request where you deliver items according to an order sheet and receive Gold, EXP, and Affinity in return.

■ Special Order Screen Details

1) Final Affinity: You can check the current Magical Administration’s Affinity to you in the Affinity Shop.

- Final Affinity on the Special Order screen

- Final Affinity at the Affinity Shop

2) Affinity Status: This reflects the Special Order’s current status. You can see the value after completing the Special Order in advance.

3) Affinity Change Screen: You can check how much Affinity you have gained/lost in your Final Affinity.


■ Special Order Guide

- You can receive Special Orders from Level 30.

- If you complete a Special Order, you receive EXP, Gold, and Affinity based on the number of items you have delivered.

- If you decide not to receive a Request, Affinity will be deducted by the amount stated on the order at 11:00 PM every Saturday.

- If you decide to to receive a Request, you must meet the minimum quota. Otherwise, the negative value stated on the Affinity Status will be deducted on Saturday at 11:00 PM.

- The delivery list will vary by Level and Elemental Mastery status, and the negative value stated on the Affinity Status will be determined based on the item.

- The number of delivery slots and number of deliveries will change depending on the Affinity Grade.

- Products that require other Elemental Mastery will be listed on the delivery list starting from a certain Affinity Grade.


[TIP] Rejecting a Request will result in a bigger Affinity penalty than receiving one and not delivering the items for it.


■ How to Carry Out a Special Order

- A Special Order icon will appear over the Request List icon. Tap the icon to go to the Special Order screen.

- You can receive a Special Order at 9:00 AM every Monday. Once you tap the Receive Order button, the delivery list will be shown.

- To deliver items, tap the item to deliver and set the quantity.

- When you deliver items, the negative Affinity value stated on the Affinity Status will be redeemed first. Once the value exceeds 0, you will receive that amount of Affinity once the Request is completed.

- You can deliver items until Saturday at 10:59:59 PM. Once the clock hits 11:00 PM, the Special Order will get completed automatically.

- You can complete the Special Order before the deadline if you have delivered all of the items. Completing the order quickly will reward you with bonus Affinity.

※ You can tap the Help [?] icon on the top left of the Special Order screen to read the in-game guide.


◈ Affinity

- Affinity is a new Grade system related to Special Orders.


■ Affinity Guide

- Affinity is gained through Special Orders and will decrease if you reject them or if you don't deliver the items.

- There are a total of 5 Affinity Grades. The higher the Grade, the more items you can purchase from the [Affinity Shop].

- The number of Special Order delivery slots and number of Special Orders vary by Affinity Grade. Affinity Grade can also change the value of Special Order bonus and that of Affinity penalty.

- The higher your Affinity Grade, the more Affinity you can gain from a Special Order.

- Final Affinity will not go below 0 even if a Special Order is completed with a negative Affinity value.


■ Affinity Grade Guide

- Affinity starts at 0, and the accumulated Affinity will determine the Affinity Grade.

- If a change occurs in the Final Affinity, an in-game pop-up will be displayed to notify you.


◈ Affinity Shop


■ What is Affinity Shop?

- Affinity Shop is a new shop where you can purchase special or discounted items.


■ Affinity Shop Guide

- The higher your Affinity Grade, the more items you can purchase.

- If your Affinity Grade increases, your purchase count will increase at 12:00 AM the next day.

- Items sold at the Affinity Shop may change according to updates.

 ※ Example image of the Magical Administration Affinity Shop (on 4/14, 2022)


■ Affinity Shop Guide

- Affinity Shop can be accessed from either your profile or the Special Order screen.

※ You can tap the Help [?] icon on the top left of the screen to read the in-game guide.

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