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Merlin Pass

◈ Merlin Pass

- Merlin Pass is a mission-oriented season pass where you complete a set of missions during a specific period and claim the reward for each level.

- Merlin Pass missions and rewards change every season. You can check the details in-game.


■ Merlin Pass Guide

- You can purchase and use Merlin Pass after reaching Level 10.

- Your level is determined by the amount of Pass Points, which can be obtained through completing Merlin Pass missions. You can receive rewards according to the level.

ㄴ The amount of Pass Points differs depending on the mission’s difficulty.

※ This screen is under development and may differ from the actual Season 2 screen.


■ Merlin Pass Rewards

- Basic Reward: Every Wizard can claim the reward according to the Pass level they accomplished during the season.

- Pass Reward: Activated upon purchasing the Pass Ticket. The Wizards who purchased the ticket can claim both the basic reward and the bonus reward.

- Every reward can be claimed only once during the duration of the Pass.

[TIP] The final ticket reward is a new 4★ Doll!

※ Be sure to claim the reward during the period! Otherwise, you cannot receive it!


■ Merlin Pass Exclusive Benefits

- By purchasing the Merlin Pass Ticket, you can get the ticket reward and special benefits.

 ㄴ Special benefits last for the duration of Merlin Pass and finish at the end of the season.

Special Benefits
More Day of Week Expedition Compasses Daily
Day of Week Expedition Compass + 2
Storage Expansion
Storage +20
Furniture Storage +50
Costume Storage +50
Dollhouse +50
Wish List Expansion
Max Saves +20

- You can purchase the Merlin Pass Ticket at the shop, and it is not refundable as the benefits apply immediately upon purchase.

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