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Square: Costume Contest

◈ Costume Contest

- In the Costume Contest, Wizards register their styles which they customized according to the Keyword. The winner is decided through a vote.

- You can participate in the contest at the Costume Contest Stage in the Square.

ㄴ You can enter the Square after completing the “Prepare New Clothes” Quest which appears at Level 14.


■ Costume Contest Guide

- A Costume Contest lasts for a week. The process has three steps: participation, ballot, then calculation.

- The styles of the final top 3 will be displayed in the Square from after the calculation to the next participating period.

ㄴ During the voting period, the top 3 styles change every hour according to the votes.

Participating Period
Sunday 15:00 - Wednesday 14:59 UTC every week
Voting Period
Wednesday 15:00 - Saturday 14:59 UTC every week
Calculating Period
Saturday 15:00 - 18:59 UTC every week
Rewarding Period
Saturday 19:00 UTC - before the next calculating period

■ How to Participate in the Costume Contest

- During the participating period, you can register your style created with the Costumes you own on the contest.

ㄴ You can change the style freely during the participating period even after the registration.

[TIP] Create a fancy style according to the Keyword and introduce it yourself! Unique introductions will catch the voters’ eyes!


■ How to Vote in the Costume Contest

- During the voting period, you can vote for one Wizard using one Costume Contest Ballot.

ㄴ The number of daily ballots is 10, and it resets at 03:00 UTC every day.

- Blocked Wizards do not appear on the ballot, so you can’t vote for them.


■ Costume Contest Rewards

1) Voting Reward

- If you cast a ballot in the contest, you receive one Costume Contest Voting Gift Box per vote.

- Costume Contest Voting Gift Box contains one item among the reward list.


2) Winner’s Prize

- After the calculating period, the Wizards who placed in the contest will receive prizes.

- The prize can be claimed between Saturday 19:00 UTC - before the next calculating period. It will be provided when the winner logs in during the period.

- You can check the Costume Contest rewards in game.


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