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Account Deletion Notice

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Hello, this is the Magical Administration.

There have been several reported cases where after logging onto the global server, some Wizards are experiencing difficulties after accidently pressing delete account button instead of the log out button and losing their characters on all servers. 

In principle, a deleted account cannot be recovered, but we will recover deleted account one time only, considering there has been some confusion on account deletion.

◈ Deleted Account Recovery
- Recovery Schedule : ~ 04/20/2022 14:59 (UTC)
- Target : All Wizards who deleted their accounts after the 04/14 maintenance.
- Details: Recover deleted account once per account during the recovery period.
 - How to inquire: Please contact our customer service 1:1 inquiry

< Restore account request >
1. Character name:
2. Server:
 3. Account deletion date:

◈ Delete Account Information



When the account is deleted, characters on every server are deleted as the notice above states. So please make your decision carefully. 


Thank you.

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