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The Stylish Fantasy World
Hello, this is the Magical Administration.


We would like to inform all the wizards about the Main Square content which will proceed after the global service launch.


We are holding several launch events, so please see below.



 Costume Contest Information

- Costume Contest is a content which Wizards can participate in by registering themed costumes that other Wizards will vote on.

- The Costume contest will be held from 04/18/2022 with a Mysterious School of Wizardry Style theme.


 Mini-game Information
- Mini-game is where Wizards can participate in the Main Square by playing games that change weekly and receive participation rewards.
 - This week’s three mini-games: Working Dolls - Suspicious Gift Factory - Dream Melody

- Next week’s three mini-games: Suspicious Gift Factory – Dream Melody – Sweet Lizzy




Magical Atelier will always strive to become a place where you can visit and have fun anytime.


Thank you.


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