Global Release &LINE FRIENDS Collaboration! (Edited)

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Past Events


Past Events

Global Release &LINE FRIENDS Collaboration! (Edited)

The Stylish Fantasy World
Hello, this is GM Lizzy!

With the official launch of the global server on April 14th, the lovely LINE FRIENDS characters are visiting Magical Atelier!

GM Lizzy has prepared an event so that we can celebrate this joyful news and share it with every Wizard in the world! Please see below for more details. Don’t miss this special chance to own special LINE FRIENDS Furniture!


 Event Details

- (Edited) Schedule: After the Launch - 04/30 06:00 UTC

- How to Participate: Tap the [Events] button on the left of the lobby screen


 7-Day Check-In Event
Check in for 7 days and get a reward every day!

LINE FRIENDS Furniture is waiting for you on Day 7!

Check-In Day


Day 1

Premium Ticket x500

Day 2

16-Color Dye Ticket x1

Day 3

Compass x3

Day 4

2★ Random Charm +4 x2

Day 5

Small Furniture Material Box x1

Day 6

Small Costume Material Box x1

Day 7


1) As the days progress, the [Claim] button below the relevant reward becomes enabled!

2) Tap the enabled [Claim] button and receive the reward through your Mailbox!

3) You can get the next Check-in Event reward at 12:00 AM the next day, so please participate every day!


 Level Up Mission Event

Reach Level 15 anytime during the event and receive LINE FRIENDS Furniture!

Reward Requirement


Reach Level 3

1★ Witches' Gem Box x2

Reach Level 5

3,000 Gold

Reach Level 9

Medium Doll Material Box x1

Reach Level 11

1★ Enhancement Material Box x3

Reach Level 13

Premium Ticket x500

Reach Level 15


1) Reach the goal Level within the event period!

2) Once you’ve met the Mission condition, tap the prize balloon to get the reward!

3) The reward will be sent to your Mailbox!

4) You can complete the Mission anytime before the end of the event, so be sure to clear it and claim the reward!

※ Every reward from this event will be sent to your mailbox
※ Please request a 1:1 Inquiry via the [Customer Support] if you have any questions regarding the event.


Thanks a ton!

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