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LINE FRIENDS Collaboration Event

  • 2022.04.13 09:35 (UTC+0)
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The Stylish Fantasy World

Hello, this is GM Lizzy!


I’m here to announce the collaboration event with the sweet and lovely LINE FRIENDS!

Since this is a special collaboration event, Magical Atelier will present various LINE FRIENDS items such as Costumes, Furniture, and Dolls!

Please see below for the event period and the list of cute collaboration items!

 LINE FRIENDS Collaboration Event Details
- Schedule: After the Global Launch - 2022/09/30 (Fri) 14:59 UTC
◈ LINE FRIENDS Collaboration Costume

- During the event period, you can obtain LINE FRIENDS Costumes from the LINE FRIENDS Draw item and the LINE FRIENDS Costume Packs sold at the KQ Shop.

■ LINE FRIENDS Collaboration Costume Details
- Best Friends Plush Doll Costume can be acquired through the [Login Reward Event].

 LINE FRIENDS Collaboration Furniture

- During the event period, you can obtain LINE FRIENDS Furniture from the LINE FRIENDS Furniture Set sold at the KQ Shop.

■ LINE FRIENDS Collaboration Furniture Details
- BROWN & SALLY Cake and BROWN & SALLY Lamp Furniture can be acquired through the [Collaboration Celebration Event].

- BROWN & SALLY Sign can be acquired through the [Login Reward Event].

Grade, Furniture name

 LINE FRIENDS Collaboration Doll
- You can obtain LINE FRIENDS Dolls from the [LINE FRIENDS Doll Packs] sold during the event period.

■ ★4 BROWN, Professor of Magic

■ ★4 Magic Student CONY


We will come back with more news in the future! GM Lizzy, signing off!


Thanks a ton!

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