Magical Atelier

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Interface and Menu

■ Main Screen

1. Character Info: View your profile icon, Level, EXP, CP (Charm Points), and MTP (Magicterior Points) statuses

2. Currency Info: View Gold and Bucks that you own

3. Mailbox: Access your mailbox

4. Daily Missions: View the list of missions that resets at 12:00 AM and their rewards

5. Shopping District: Access the Payment Shop, Point Shop, K&Q Workshop, and Affinity Shop (opens at Lv. 30)

6. Request/Quest: View the list of available Requests and Quests

7. Floor Guide: View Dolls that have been placed and move them to other floors

8. Villager Journal: Access the Villager Journal screen

9. World Map: Access the World Map (switch to World Map view)

10. Manage: Access the [Edit Shop, Expand, Codex, Settings, News] menus

11. Storage: Access the [Doll, Furniture, Materials, Wardrobe] menus

12. Social: Access the [Ranking, Chat Room, Journal, Share (Capture), Guild] menus

13. Crafting Map: Access the screen where you can craft items

■ World Map Screen

1. General Expedition Area

① Aurutium: Ground elemental expedition area

② Windy Cliff: Wind element expedition area

③ Turiano: Water elemental expedition area

④ Briella: Plant elemental expedition area

⑤ Crimson Forest: Fire elemental expedition area

2. Materials Shop: Access the Materials Shop

3. Magical Atelier: Access the Atelier (switch to shop view)

4. Black Market: Access the Black Market

5. K&Q Shop: Access the K&Q Shop

6. Doll Workshop: Access the workshop where Dolls are crafted

7. Daily Expedition: Access Daily Expedition (opens at Level 25)

8. Dispatch: Access Dispatch screen (opens at Level 15)

9. Compass: View the number of Compasses that you currently own

10. Shop: Access the shop (switch to shop view)

11. Crafting Map: Access the screen where you can craft items


■ Profile

1. Greetings: Tap the Manage Message button to edit your greeting message

2. Character Info: View information such as your Level, Charm Points, and Magicterior Points

3. Scroll: View information on the Scroll(s) in use and the remaining time

4. Applied Buffs: View all currently applied buffs

5. Friend Status: View your friends' status

6. Manage Personal Profile

7. Modify Character: Change various aspects of your character such as personality, hair, skin tone, and face

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