Introducing the GMs to the Witches

Magical Atelier

Magical Atelier
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GM Notes


GM Notes

Introducing the GMs to the Witches

Magical Atelier, Stylish Fantasy World
Hello, this is GM Lizzy.

For the first GM note, I will introduce
myself and my friends who will take care of the official forum!

The ones who will support you in managing your Magical Atelier
and present fun content and events so that you can always keep a smile on your face!
I hereby introduce the GMs of the Magical Atelier!

 GM Lizzy

Hello, Witches! I’m GM Lizzy!
I will support all of you to the best of my ability
so that you can enjoy your life in Serentis!
Believe in Lizzy/Go Go/Let’s go!

- Main Task
To deliver announcements and event news quickly and accurately

- Likes
Visiting famous dessert shops, gossiping with childhood friends

- Message to the Witches
I look forward to meeting all of you!
Please come find me when you come to the Magical Atelier!
 I’ll be really sad if you don't! (T^T)

#HypedUp #CommunicationAlwaysComesFirst

 [GM Merlin]

Meow! Witches, GM Merlin is here!
Even a cat can be a GM nowdays, meow!
I will catch your difficulties
with my sharp eyes
and resolve all of them!
Please look forward to my brilliant performance! Meeoooow!

- Main Task
Managing fun and exciting events
Spurting to the relevant section while holding a mouthful of letters from the Witches’ suggestion box!

- Likes
Can of tuna, cute cat pictures

- Message to the Witches
 Meeooww!! Being a cat is hard…

#Meow #DoYouLikeCats


 GM Chris

Greetings, Witches. This is GM Chris.
This forum is a space dedicated
to listening to your valuable opinions
and understanding you better.

If you have any suggestions or if you find anything that needs improving,
please feel free to tell us anytime.
I will do my utmost for a better Serentis.

- Main Task
Managing the forum, checking and reporting live issues
Everything related to administrative work regarding Serentis

- Likes
Work, notepads

- Message to the Witches
 …I look forward to meeting you all.

#Workaholic #MayNotBethatFriendly #ButSincereAndDevotedToYou


We GMs will see you often with our hands full of Magical Atelier news!
Please visit the forum often. Let’s make great memories, full of happiness and smiles!

 Thank you.


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