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Magical Atelier Social Media Channel Follow/Subscribe Event

  • 2022.03.22 07:02 (UTC+0)
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The Stylish Fantasy World!

Welcome to Magical Atelier!

Wizards, we invite you to the lovely Magical Atelier!

We plan to provide you with various information about Magical Atelier through the STOVE forum and on our official social media channels!

GM Lizzy has prepared a Magical Atelier Social Media Follow Event for our Wizards!
 Please see below for details!

 ■ Magical Atelier Social Media Channel Follow/Subscribe Event 
1. Schedule: 3/22 (Tue) - 4/13 (Wed)
2. How to Participate:
Step 1. Log into one of the official Magical Atelier social media platforms and Follow us.

 Magical Atelier Instagram

 Magical Atelier Twitter
 Magical Atelier Facebook

 Magical Atelier YouTube

Step 2. Take a screenshot showing that you followed our channel.
 Step 3. Upload your screenshot and information on the link below.

[Tap HERE to upload your screenshot]

3. Event Reward: GM Lizzy’s Gift Box (Players have a set chance to obtain one item from the list below.)

Please Note
- The event reward can only be received once per account. Duplicate entries will be removed.
- The event reward will be sent to the email address you entered after the game’s launch.
 - Please refer to the
[Mobile UGC Support Policy] 

for more details.


Wizards, we look forward to your active participation!

See you soon in Serentis

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