「Ninja Issen」 Update (January 18, 2023)

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닌자 일섬 (Ninja Issen)


닌자 일섬 (Ninja Issen)

[창작자소식] 「Ninja Issen」 Update (January 18, 2023)

Hello, this is CFK.

We deeply appreciate your everlasting interest and support in 「Ninja Issen」.

Starting January 17, 2023, the following update has been applied to 「Ninja Issen」

in order to provide better gameplay experience to the users:


「Ninja Issen」 Chapter 5 is now available!

Kiba begins to make his move to take back the Scroll of Dimensions.

Break into the underground base "Breakback Mountain" with Hanzo and Asran,

and explore the facility in search of the scroll!

After clearing Chapter 4, you can choose “CONTINUE” in the main menu to move on to Chapter 5.

And remember: there’s no pressure in this new adventure! You can challenge as many times as you want!


- SP recovery items can be easily obtained than before.

- Modified “Sen(閃)” skill damage.

- Address a combo-related issue when using EX skills.

- Adjusted game balance for better gameplay experience.

- Various quality of life modifications have been applied.

As always, thank you for your interest and support in our games. We will keep doing our best to meet your expectations.

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