Shotgun King update

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샷건 킹: 파이널 체크메이트 (Shotgun King The Final Checkmate)


Hi there, it´s Pentadrangle from Punkcake Délicieux!

We´re thrilled to share with the STOVE community the huge Shotgun King update we´ve been cooking during the last months. There´s a lot of new stuff to dig in: a new difficulty system, unlockable shotguns, a big bunch of brand new cards and a Codex to collect ´em all, the Chase mode where white pieces continously come onto the board from all sides to challenge the black king... 

Thank you once more for all the love and support so far! We hope you'll enjoy all the new content! 

-PUNKCAKE Délicieux 🥞

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Thank you!

샷건 킹: 파이널 체크메이트 (Shotgun King The Final Checkmate)의 글

작성 시간 2022.11.23

Shotgun King update [1]


2022.11.24 00:49 (UTC+0)
작성 시간 2022.11.21

퀵패치 : v1.343 변경 사항

2022.11.21 01:26 (UTC+0)
작성 시간 2022.11.16

샷건 킹 대규모 업데이트 및 가격 인상 공지 [1]

2022.11.21 01:15 (UTC+0)
작성 시간 2022.10.11

헐.. 구매하려고 시스템 요구사항을 봤는데... 이거

2022.10.11 10:18 (UTC+0)