Biped news, July 2024.


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[Creator News] Biped news, July 2024. [1]

Dear adventurers,


We have got several great news for you and we are happy to share it.


First of all, we are working on an update for Biped on all the platforms including the Nintendo Switch. This update will open you a possibility to play online in COOP with your Nintendo Switch friends and is planned to be released in July so stay tuned. Moreover, we worked more on the PC version of the game and were able to improve the optimization and make the online connection for Stove by moving to the new generation of the server solution. The PC version will also be updated in July.


Second, a cherry on a pie: many of you asked if we plan to release any new content for the game or update it with more levels so we decided to move even deeper: we are working on Biped 2 now! We are finalizing the store page so that you were able to wishlist it and will definitely let you know when we open it. Just to add some spices here: a coop for up to 4 players, way more levels, new mechanics and new heroes and many more.


Excited? Stay tuned, we will come back with the news soon!


See ya!

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