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Gravity Circuit

[Creator News] Gravity Circuit - Patch 1.1.1a [2]

Hello everyone on STOVE! This is Domesticated Ant Games, Gravity Circuit's developer talking. We have released a patch that updates the game to version 1.1.1a, which contains the following:


  • Added a controls option for toggling manual slide (jump+down) on/off if the dedicated slide button is set. Defaults to being enabled.
  • Added a new Big Medal category for clearing a stage with maximum rank in all available categories (signified by acquiring 1000 bits in a given category). Acquired Big Medals are displayed in the Circuit Vault at Guardian Corps HQ.

Mission Result screen
The amount of defeated enemies required for getting maximum rank (1000 bits) toned down for most stages, to make them less strict:

  • Steelworks (Optic Circuit): 30 → 25
  • Junkyard (Patch Circuit): 40 → 30
  • Mountains (Cooler Circuit): 50 → 35
  • Power Plant (Power Circuit): 50 → 45
  • Highway (Shift Circuit): 40 → 35
  • City Center (Wave Circuit): 60 → 35
  • Ore Mines (Break Circuit): 40 → 30
  • Warehouse Area (Cipher Circuit): 30 → 25
  • One of the final stages: 60 → 45 


  • Map loading algorithms have been tweaked, reducing load times slightly (up to 40~50% faster in some levels), while also taking less memory (generally saves between 100~400MB of RAM). The time saves vary by hardware.
  • Improved music playback, which helps with BGM issues in the Guardian Corps HQ area on lower-end hardware.
  • Changed how the game's text is stored and loaded. This makes the game launch faster on lower-end hardware, and switching localizations via options will also take less time.
  • Slightly optimized texture loading by removing some redundant data.
  • Improved Kai's rendering code speed.
  • Slighty improved rendering code by removing unnecessary debug code.

Armor Paints

  • Hologram Trap Burst Technique no longer visually "consumes" the powered up state of a certain Armor Paint, since it's not affected by it.
  • Fixed a slight animation bug if Hash's Armor Paint's ability is activated after taking damage while Catch Block is equipped. Other potential sources too, but the fix makes sure that the correct animation plays.
  • Realized that a certain pick up in the Mountains stage is nigh-impossible to pick up if Electrifying Green Armor Paint is in use. Adjusted the Armor Paint so that the projectiles it shoots out do not interact with the specific stage obstacle, if Kai's divekick is used.

Data Chips

  • Data chip drop rates increased across the board (base chance increased 20%→30%, additional chance increased 4%→15% per killed regular enemy).
  • Few specific enemy types' base data chip drop chance increased (Junk Crawler, Junk Fly, Junk Fly Hive), previously 20%. Now 40% (i.e. higher than normal base chance of 30%).
  • Magnet Chassis Booster Chip can now collect data chips that drop from enemies or bosses.
  • Adjusted Wrecker Tank's (Central Station, i.e. opening stage boss) data chip position to stay within certain bounds, so to ensure it's always possible to pick up, even if you beat the boss off-screen.


  • Made it possible to perform "dumb cancels" (skipping the activation animation of certain Burst Techniques, like Function Overload, by sliding on the same frame as the activation) with the slide assist key.
  • Clone Array Burst Technique now be "dumb cancelled".
  • Gave dedicated slide button a buffer, making it easier to slide after landing from a jump. The buffer duration is the same as normal jumps.
  • Slide direction can be influenced by the held direction at the moment when the slide input is detected.
  • Level Select screen now displays if you have collected the palette chip from said stage.
    Opening Stage now also grants gold medals, platinum stars, and newly added big medals (see Additions).
  • A small change to the final boss behavior (easy/normal modes, hard mode is unaffected), where they won't regain their shield/armor until they have taken a bit of damage first. This makes these bosses a bit easier for first time players.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the dedicated slide button to work with crouching jabs. The problem was that with manual slide (jump+down), you could cancel out of the crouching jab sooner than with the dedicated slide button. This fix makes the cancel window the same.
  • Fixed a small stutter Kai does if you do a crouching jab, let the crouching jab finish, and hold a downwards diagonal angle.
  • Fixed a situation where Kai can't turn around to a face a wall, if his back is against it, and he's looking the other way. Usually, this would only happen if Kai took damage, or via conveyor belts in Ore Mines.
  • Fixed a minor visual issue where the screen may briefly flip in Cyberspace when choosing to reload or quit the stage from the pause menu.
  • Added a small precaution for a game crash that may occur if the action table in a cutscene has an unexpected value in a certain place. This is to possibly fix a very edge-case game crash, that might very rarely occur in stages like Warehouse Area (Cyberspace).
  • Fixed a small bug where Kai's jump or double jump might get eaten by a Float Rider (the moving platforms in the Highway stage), if one is performed after doing an action like standing jab.
  • Fixed a small visual issue with the health bar when riding a Powered Walker.
  • Fixed an issue where Powered Walker's health bar may stick on-screen even after exiting it.
  • Fixed a certain boss crashing the game when you throw a block at them (either one he generates, or one generated by their Armor Paint) after they have been defeated.
  • For whatever reason, Light Alloy chip reduced the duration of Function Overload twice as fast. This has been fixed.
  • Fix a camera trigger in the Power Plant stage, since there was a tiny gap you could slide under and this would cause the camera to behave strangely for a moment


  • Few localization fixes in some languages

Happy gaming!

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