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Patch Note

[12/09 18:00 PDT Maintenance Notice]

Hello players.
There will be a scheduled maintenance on 10/13 17:00 PT.
Please check below for more information and please remember that you cannot login during the maintenance.

[Maintenance Notice]

# Period :  12/8 17:00~18:00 PT

# Details :

1. Guild skills are added.

- Learning skills is a huge help when it comes to strengthening your heroes and receiving rewards.


2. Added Guild War products

- Products that can be purchased with Guild War Points are added.

 3. Purchase Event

- The event will be total of 7 mission steps. Rewards can be claimed after acquiring the mission objectives.

- Depending on the total purchase value, obtain up to 1095 rubies + ★6 premium hero select ticket + Keys of Awakening

- Check Event > Ruby event for more details.

4. 1+1 Ruby/Gold Event

- Double rubies/golds for anyone who purchases after maintenance – 1/9 07:59 PDT.

- More information about the ruby/gold event can be checked after the maintenance through future posts.

※ The period for special missions will increases depending on the time of the maintenance.

※ The maintenance may end early or be delayed.

※ Please end the game before maintenance and we cannot help you if there is any errors by not doing so.

We are sorry to cause inconvenience due to the maintenance and promise to finish it as fast as possible.

Thank you.

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