Fight With The Gods


Patch Note

[5/12 18:00 PT Maintenance Notice]

[5/12 18:00 PT Maintenance Notice]


 Period : 5/12 18:00~19:00 PT


 Details :

 1New Challenge Mission 

- New challenge mission to get diverse rewards
 - Check Event > Challenge Mission for more details


2. Rune/Equipment/Accessory/Pet Removal Price Discount Event

- There will be a discount event for rune/equipment/accessory/pet removal after the 5/12 maintenance PT ~ 5/19 07:59 PT.

※ The period for special missions will increases depending on the time of the maintenance.

※ The maintenance may end early or be delayed.

※ Please end the game before maintenance and we cannot help you if there is any errors by not doing so. 

Thank you.


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