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[Notice ]Regarding Guest Accounts after March Version Update

[Notice] Regarding Guest Accounts after March Version Update 

Hello, this is GOH GM..

GOH is scheduled to update the version on March.

However, players who play by guest accounts may lose their account after update.


Follow our guide to prevent this issue:


[Recommendation] Using Guest Account

Please link your account.

- For stable gameplay, please link your account to Google, Facebook or other SNS platforms. 

- When using guest account, the account may be deleted due to device change, deletion of the application and etc.

- In order to preserver your account data, please link the account before the March update. 


 ● How to link:
Enter gamelobby >Top right 三 iconsettings > information > link account

Thank you

※ If the guest account gets deleted, please note that it will be hard to recover it..

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