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Hello I’m here to say that I have played many many hours playing the game and I really enjoy and the anniversary is going really well but today when I tried to play it wouldn’t allow me to log in via google account and I tried using other ways but it never lets me back into my one account. I understand games have there flaws but this has happened a few times but they were easy fixes like deleting the game or closing the app but i shut down my phone, deleted the app, and closed the app multiple times and I would like some help to fix that I want to continue to enjoy this game and watch it grow as it goes on. Please if you see this try and fix the problem and I’m not the only one who gets these if you fixed this problem I would highly appreciate. Speaking of the anniversary I was really hyped about the rare hero which i was going to choose mori hui I logged in everyday and did all the missions wanting to get this one unit that I really love. So once again may you please fix this problem. Thank you for listening.

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