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[Event] 2nd Anniversary Thanks Log-in Event - ★6 Jade Emperor

[Event] 2nd Anniversary Thanks Log-in Event - 6 Jade Emperor


Hello, users!


G.O.H has been 2 years since the game launch. Thus, we would like to celebrate the joy of G.O.H 2nd anniversary with our users. We have prepared 2nd anniversary thanks log-in event, Thank you for your interest and dedication towards G.O.H.


[6 Jade Emperor & 2nd Anniversary log-in event]

Event Details:

- Log-in after the maintenance and ★6 Jade Emperor will be yours!

- The reward will be sent to the mail box.

- Users who have clicked the Receive ★6 Jade Emperor button before the maintenance, please check the mail after the maintenance to get the reward. 


Event Reward:

- ★6 Jade Emperor summon ticket


Event Cautions:

- Reward will be sent only one time per account.

- If the reward has not been sent, please re-login.

- If you click on the receive button, the reward will be sent to your mail.

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