Fight With The Gods


Patch Note

[Notice] No Maintenance Notice

Hello players. 

There will be no maintenance for this week. 

Some changes will be made to the event periods on 3/6 17:00 PT.

Please check below for more details. 

[Event Changes]


1. Summon Chance Hero / Rune will Change

 - The heroes and runes that get a boost can be seen at Notice >> Chance Up.

2. New Equipment Items

 - New weapons and armors will be added.

 - Weapon: 


O's Dragon Slayer/Q's Joker Card/Saturn's Grenade


Taek Jegal's Megalodon Teeth/Pumgwang Jin's Hammer/Hyeonbok Ryu's Gloves


Hyangdan Lee's Knife/Marine Lee's Sword of Vitality/Moondae Myeong's Bat Wing


Gudan Kim's Baseball/Seungju Kang's Pipe/Nana's Frying Pan

 - Armor: 


Daewi Han's Haetae Orb/O's Dragon Scales/Axley's Battle Shield


Tsuba's Combat Armor/Miseon Ma's Wrestling Boots/Hyeonbok Ryu's Leverage Guard


Berserker Jugok Jeon's Red Armor/Baekho Tae's Icarus/Sangmin Yoo's Judo Uniform


Chungshik's Welding Helmet/Berial's Protective Sunglasses/Leo's Helmet
 - More info about the new items can be seen within the game.

3. New Challenge Mission

- There will be challenge mission that will give gold, EvolveStones, equipment, and 5★ Judge summon-ticket as reward.
 - More details can be seen within the game at Event > Challenge Mission

4. Come Play With Piggy!

 - Piggy invites all players to his house from 3/7 07:00 PT to 3/11 06:59 PT!

 - This event dungeon can only be entered for 4 days.

 - We recommend using all your entrance tickets before 07:00 PT as it will be reset.

Thank you.

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