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14 Day Special Mission Quest Issue

I just wanted to say I think the 14 day special mission given to new players is pretty strict for certain missions. One example is upgrading 210 characters. A lot of fodder is needed to upgrade 6 star characters to +5, and without that boost, you naturally fall behind in Hero Battle, Team Battle, and gradually Challenge Tower. In addition, the Heroic and Legendary adventure mode quests are practically impossible without a well-upgraded 6 star character, so these two quests directly conflict with each other in terms of how the player should distribute upgrade material.

The next issue is the battle modes. For team battles, players need to play 370 team battles to satisfy the requirement. After doing some rough math, players receive 5 attempts every 2.5 hours. Dividing 24 hours by 2.5 and multiplying the result by 5, players ideally get 48 attempts a day and can finish around 672 attempts over the course of 14 days. However, the issue stems from the fact that team battles is not initially unlocked. Progression speed varies for players as some will not be able to log in as soon as their attempts refresh due to real life constraints, others may instead slowly familiarize themselves with the game, and overall this results in less attempts made despite the maximum possible attempts more than doubling that of which is required.

I feel that the period should be extended to a month at most so that players have a week to familiarize themselves with the game and three weeks to tackle to special mission quests. I believe one of the game’s current issues is its lack of system information. For example, there is no listing anywhere stating that evolving characters with runes equipped will delete the runes, other than a vague warning that the character you are about to evolve has a rune equipped. Players need time to understand the systems, and taking that time only to miss out on great rewards does not feel great. 

Other than this, I have really enjoyed the game so far. The battle animations, combat system, and UI all feel great and I look forward to the changes your team will bring.

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