[Event] G.O.H Summon Festival Event [1]

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We are here to bring you news about <G.O.H Summon Festival>!

Please show your love and support for this awesome event which includes the best items!

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[G.O.H Summon Festival Event Notice]

# Period:
12/31 ~ 1/1 PT (2 days)

# Time:

17:00 ~ 23:59 PT

 - The event date and times of use may change depending on the situation.

# Details:

 - A G.O.H Summon Festival for all players will take place.

 - For each summon, the first time will be free and from the second summon, 50 rubies will be used.

 - Only selected items for the event will be summoned. When all the gold card items are summoned, that summon will end.

# Summon Festival Items:
- New characters, Bishop Manjin Sang and Mujin Park of The Six will appear

- Check the amount of each items within the game after the event starts.

# Notes:

 - Gold/energy obtained through the festival will be placed in your inventory when you move to the lobby.
 - If your hero/rune inventory is full, you cannot join the festival.

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    2018.12.31 17:17 (UTC+0)
    Dear stove,next time you do a summon event,announce before people waste all their rubies in your also bad summon system
    Thank you
    With love,Shigary

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