[Event] Friend Invit. & New/Returning Attendance

[Friend Invitation Event Notice]


12/30 18:00 ~ 1/31 06:59 PT


Invite new/returning friends during event period to get and give rewards!

# How to Check Referral Code:

You can check your referral code at lobby > Event > the top right side at With Friends!!

# How to Enter Referral Code:

You can enter the referral code at lobby > Friends > Referral Code

#Event Reward:

New/returning players who enter referral code:

Get 6★ Judge Select Ticket*1 + 6★ Rare~Legendary Rune*1 + 5★ Piggy*2 + 350,000 Gold over 7 days

Player who invited new/returning player: 

Max 500 rubies depending on number of players invited.

- New/returning players can only enter a referral code once.

- New players can enter the referral code 3 days after signing up. (During event period)

- Returning players = Players who have not logged in for over 14 days.

- The referral code can be entered by 10 new/10 returning players. However, players that have invited will only receive reward for 5 new/5 returning (Max of 10) players..

 - Players who enter the referral code can get additional rewards by logging in for 7 days.

 - The rewards will not be automatically received.

 - You can receive rewards for a week after the event is over.

[New/Returning Players Attendance Event Notice]

# Period: 

12/30 18:00 PT ~ Further Notice


New/returning players who login after 12/30 18:00 PT will get attendance rewards for 14 days.


- The reward and period may change without notice.

- Returning players = Players who have not logged in for over 14 days.

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