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Patch Note

[Notice] 12/26 PT Maintenance Notice

Hello players. 

There will be a scheduled maintenance on 12/26 17:00 PT.

Please check below for more information and 

please remember that you cannot login during the maintenance.

[12/26 17:00 PT Maintenance Notice]

#Period:  12/26 17:00 ~ 19:00 PT

1. New Heroes
 - 2 new heroes will be added.

 - Bishop Manjin Sang and Mujin Park of The Six will be added.

 - More info about this hero can be checked at the Hero Deck.

2. Summon Chance Hero / Rune will Change

 - The heroes and runes that get a boost can be seen at Notice >> Chance Up.

 3. Manjin Sang Growth Mission

- There will be hero growth missions for Manjin Sang that will give you diverse rewards.
- More info about the growth missions can be found within the game at Event > Growth Missions.

4. Year End/New Year Event Mission
- There will be event missions to get various rewards from after 12/26 PT maintenance to 1/9 06:59 PT.
- More info about the event can be found within the game at Event > Event Missions.

5. New Adventure Update

 - Chapter 3. Pilmaon’s Castle in the Kingdom of Orae will be updated.

 - Episode 11, 12 (60 stages of Normal/Heroic/Legendary) will be added.

 - Can be entered after clearing chapter 2’s legendary mode
  - Chapter 2’s difficulty will be decreased for a more easy entrance to chapter 3.
  - Hot time for chapter 3 will be added.

6. Ultimate Upgrade and Gear System Update
- You can now ultimate upgrade using 6★ characters.

- Ultimate upgrading will open up gear slots for weapon/armor items.

- Gears can be obtained at the Summoning Center or A, S box.

7. Attendance Event for New/Returning Players

- There will be a 14 days attendance event for new/returning players starting on 12/30 PT.

- This event will only be available for players who have not logged in for 14 or more days.

- New/returning players before 12/30 PT will be excluded.

8. 1+1 Ruby Event
- Double rubies for anyone who purchases between after 12/26 maintenance PT ~ 1/2 06:59 PT.
- More information about the ruby event can be checked after the maintenance through future posts.
- There is no limit to purchase.

9. Year End/New Year Package
- Change limited time package content

- Change to Year End/New Year package (3 types)

- More information about packages can be found at the Shop > Package after the maintenance.
- Sold until next maintenance.

※ The period for special missions will increases depending on the time of the maintenance.

※ The maintenance may end early or be delayed.

※ Please end the game before maintenance and we cannot help you if there is any errors by not doing so.

We are sorry to cause inconvenience due to the maintenance and 

promise to finish it as fast as possible. 

Thank you.

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