Fight With The Gods


Patch Note

[Notice] 11/29 PT Emergency Maintenance Notice

Hello players.

There will be an emergency maintenance on 11/29 13:00 PT.

Please check below for more information and
please remember that you cannot login during the maintenance.

[11/29 PT Maintenance Notice]

# Period: 11/29 13:00 - 17:00 PT

# Details: Server stabilization

# Reward: 200 Energy + 6★ Judge Summon Ticket

※ You cannot play the game during maintenance.
※ There may be changes to the period or details. If so we will keep you updated with future posts.
※ The reward will be sent after the maintenance to your mailbox. (Until 11/29 06:59)

We will work harder to provide a more stable gaming environment.

Thank you.

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