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#GOH #PatchNote

Official GodofHighschool

[Notice] 4/29 PT Maintenance Notice

Hello players. 

There will be a scheduled maintenance on 4/29 18:00 PT.

Please check below for more information and 

please remember that you cannot login during the maintenance.

In order for the new update to be properly implemented, please download the latest build at Google Play Store / App Store after the maintenance.

[4/29 18:00 PT Maintenance Notice]

#Period :  4/29 18:00 ~ 20:00 PT

#Details :
1. New Adventure Update

- Chapter 4 ‘Dragon Crest Battle’ will be added.

- A total of 60 stages will be added for episode 13 and 14 (Normal/Hero/Legendary).

- The heroes that appear in chapter 4 can be checked at the Deck.

- You can enter chapter 4 after completing chapter 3 (Legendary).

- Chapter 3 difficulty lowered.

2. Increased Player and Skill Level

 - The max level for players will increase to 60 from 50.

 - The max level for player skills will increase to 60.

ㄴ Lv. 55 : M.A./B.P. resistance of enemies will decrease for all battles

ㄴ Lv. 60 : DMG of enemies will decrease for all battles

 3. New Heroes
 - 2 new heroes will be added.

 - NOX Bishop Sujin Lee and Priest Big Man will be added.

 - More info about this hero can be checked at the Hero Deck.

4.Summon Chance Hero / Rune will Change

- The heroes and runes that get a boost can be seen at Notice >> Chance Up.

5. Sujin Lee Growth Mission

- There will be hero growth missions for Sujin Lee that will give you diverse rewards.
- More info about the growth missions can be found within the game at Event > Growth Missions.

 6. Update Challenge Mission

- There will be event mission to celebrate the new update that will give you diverse rewards.
- More info about the growth missions can be found within the game at Event > Challenge Missions.

7. 28 Day Attendance/Good Night Reward Change

- The reward table for 28 Day Attendance/Good Night Reward will change after the 4/29 PT maintenance.
- Accessory Summon Tickets will be added.

Already received rewards will not be retrieved and you will receive the new rewards after the maintenance.

8. Friend Invitation Event 2

 - Invite a new user and get rubies and 6★ Premium Hero Summon Ticket. (Limited time)

  ㄴ New/returning user can enter the referral code only once.

  ㄴ New users can enter the referral code within 3 days of making their account (Must be within event period).
   ㄴ Returning users are users that do not have a login record for 14 days. You must login on the 15th day to be able to enter the referral code.

 - After entering the referral code, keep on logging in during the event period to get rewards for both sides.

 - The rewards for the event will not be automatically received.

※ The update time for each market may differ due to device or network environment.
※ You must download the update to implement the changes in-game.

※ The period for special missions will increases depending on the time of the maintenance.

※ The maintenance may end early or be delayed.

※ Please end the game before maintenance and we cannot help you if there is any errors by not doing so.

We are sorry to cause inconvenience due to the maintenance and 

promise to finish it as fast as possible. 

Thank you.