3/27 Update Notice (Completed)

Hello Adventurer!

It's Ollie from Fairy's Garden!

Fairy's Garden will be having an update on 3/27! Check out our post below to learn all about it.

Also be sure to check the update time so it doesn't catch you by surprise!

 ■ Maintenance Schedule 

 - 3/27 01:00 ~ 03:00 UTC (2 Hours)

 ■ New Features 

1. The max level for Mr.Lil and Sia will be increased.

- The max level will be increased from 14 to 19.


2. Two new plants will be added.

3. Plant evolution bonus will be added

 - If you evolve your plant in the garden, you can receive an evolve reward!

4. Six new spaces in the garden will be added

- Enjoy even more plants in the garden with these newly added spaces!

5. Continuous Open feature will be added to Lucky Pots

- The current Lucky Box will be changed to a Lucky Pot and Keys will be changed to Magic Wands!

- If players have 2 or more Magic Wands, they will be able to get 10 rewards with a single tap!

6. Jackpot Reward will be added

- When using a Witch's House (formerly Lucky Box), if you are lucky, you may be able to get a Jackpot reward!

- Receive up to 4 rewards at once!

7. Additional Gold rewards via Ads will be added

- Players will be able to gain Gold after watching an Ad.(Limit of once a day)

 ■ Convenience Improvements 

1. Stage difficulty will be improved.

- The overall difficulty level for each stage will be improved to make the game more enjoyable.

2. Reward preview function for ads

- Once a day immediately after you receive your Daily Bonus, you will be able to see your reward for watching an Ad before tapping Watch.

We hope to see you at the new and improved Fairy's Garden!

Thank you!

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