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  • 2020.01.07 02:49 (UTC+0)
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The game needs to improve a lot, drop and items are good, easier would be tedious, but what bothers you is the ability to get magic book.The limited invocation of 1% appeared very close. Diene..Krato iseria and loli all together with little time to raise money to buy book. It's hard many members can't put together 5 books.Chat should be bigger and more active, something similar to castle games. Should the level of costumes be higher, pets? Useless ... should have more elite for clothes, and a greater commitment to spreading the game, more players showing up helps OLDS play more. Without it all that remains is the emptying of limbs. 1 new character per month and good but stone dope should be facilitated.Since I started the game I wish Karin the blood slide. I don't mind starting over to get her, because it's hard to put together books and much more to communicate in the game If my email is read if you can send me a Karin Blood Blade I would be happy kkkkk, there are a lot of tips but what is really bothering you and the books

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