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General Discussion

Turn/Interactions Order [1]

Surely this interaction chain makes no sense...

NB: I know the speed has no impact on this, but I wanted to point it from a logical standpoint

ZIO = usually around 305+ speed

C-LANDY = usually below 200 speed

Zio with this buff, hits with his S1

BEFORE ZIO does his EXTRA attack...

C-LANDY counters AND does HER EXTRA attack (Salvo)

Now I can understand the counter mechanic (even though it's still a bit dumb before extra attacks)...

But please tell me how it makes sense to have that other unit, get their EXTRA attack BEFORE the unit that launched the attack?

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I think its because the "salvo" was triggered from a counter that cut between the extra attack, so:

zio->landy->landy-zio mades more sense than zio->landy->zio->landy, since zio hadnt the chance(or mechanic) to cut between landy's attacks, unlike her. It wont be too long before we get a unit that counters a counter, but until then...

Yeah, its bullshit. Thats why I stopped doing arena after getting all legend rewards, E7 its just a collection gacha at this point, to me at least. At least you won?

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