Stop redirecting your playerbase towards specific browsers SG.
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General Discussion

Stop redirecting your playerbase towards specific browsers SG. [10]

why does sg care which browser we use? stove page gets redirected from opera, firefox, brave to download chrome/edge. dunno how much chump change sg is getting for directing users  but its annoying af to switch to another browser just to access stove page. Let players use whatever browser they wanna use. dont white knight sg saying sg isnt forcing me to open stove page.

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I believe STOVE is a separate platform from SG, it's used by many other games for their pages.

And it's only a suggestion no one is forcing you to use them, stop searching for every small thing to complain about lol, you will just build unnecessary stress.

no one is forcing?! man, i had to download a separate browser to access this website, it is literally  forcing players to use a specific browser. go white knight somewhere else. are you dumb?

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RankyakuLiterally only happens in Opera so you're the dumb one since the other two you mentioned work fine, but you obviously didn't test them and just huffed over basically nothing since Opera is garbage anyway. You really want to use a browser that installs with 21 open connections?

Edge has 21 too and is recommended for and works with just about everything because it's Microsoft. Get over it and just keep using something else.

So you're actually double dumb and need some education on which browsers are legitimately good and not just trendy with the equally dumb.

Imagine trusting any browser with a built-in PROPRIETARY VPN that's actually not even a VPN but an https proxy that GOES THROUGH THEIR SERVERS BECAUSE IT'S PROPRIETARY and just thinking you're somehow secure lmao. Then add it being Chinese on top. Are YOU dumb?!

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epic7#xfzblinot only in opera but also in firefox as well. i dunno who even told you opera is a chinese company. your only response is download other browser. you're dumb af and should stop talking if you got nothing useful to offer other than you "TrUst mE bRo" source. let players decide which browser to use. a web, no one like being forced to, same as ads on youtube. i dont use opera for vpn, i have a personal vpn to use so dont imagine things like a dumb@$$

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Rankyaku"not only in opera but also in firefox as well."


" i dunno who even told you opera is a chinese company"

Opera's browser has been owned by a Chinese consortium ever since they sold it to them in 2016.

Try google next time before you respond about "bro sources" buddy. You might learn which browsers are good and how to use one. Maybe you'll even learn how to fact check yourself before you start calling others dumb.

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epic7#xfzbliyou should take your own advice buddy.did you ever realized that Opera is a Norwegian company and has to follow Norwegian and European laws? And that it is listed on Nasdaq and, therefore, need to follow USA regulations? 

you think chrome wont do the same thing which you accuse opera to do? lol. keep white knighting and endorsing sh*tty company practices.

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