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General Discussion

A letter For the Peace [6]

(So for the context , i’m writing this after a discussion whit the game support for trying to get back my Sc Character  back , delete by a bug. I’m using a second account , so my name doesn’t matter , you can call me the Rat if you want or Delta)

PS: I’m not native english, so i’m sorry if i made stupid mistake

I will be the spokesperson for now .
It’s going to be around three years than i support the game and still hold the line, helping the community. And now the community is dying… Some people think Epic Seven is a « dead game » ,  some of us  trashtalk the game every New update (last topic of discuss  is about ML Sharun, who don’t even look like her RGB version) , some lost their faith while waiting new content and finish by giving up on the game like people who are waiting for Half-Life 3 ( And no , the rift is not a new content, exept a « selective hunt »  to farm for old player) .
I’m talking because i want to stop this war between you and the community. Players trying to send you message to stop you doing stupid thing, like the double Awaken update ( even some extremist players brought a car to send you a message IRL, even if it was a little too much )…

I know the community is not perfect either, but what i’ve learn for this three year of epic seven it’s than the  E7 community is one of the most united and Friendly one than you can found (even if we a some special case ), especially on a Gacha game, Just than player have lost faith in you .

Epic Seven is 5 years old now, which is quite long and we don’t want him do dispear tomorrow because of player leaving the game. So please , i’m begging you, start to REALLY listen to the E7 community and made change to ensure Epic Seven a better tomorrow . I will not say how to change thing, because i dont know myself, it’s not my job, But i’m sure you will find a way. 

Thank for your listening,

The Rat 


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Dragonlord Sharun looks better than Sharun, but her skill set is really underwhelming :(

E7 isn't anywhere remotely close to dying, stop being so dramatic over nothing.

You don’t see it because your not old enought ( or you leave in a cave ) on E7. We talk of a game who struggle to make profit angainst brand new Gacha game and who don’t have any idea how to change it.
I Ask a lot of old player and their Life resume to this : Connect , doing farm+ Guildwar , do some Rta and leave . For people who don’t do of Rta it take what ? One hour per day , doing everyday the same thing, waiting for every 15 day « temporary content » who we know is not gonna stay . I helping a lot of new player who reach the early leaving in early mid-game because of the lack of content and i saw like Hundreds of case like this . Talking about Rta , THE main content of E7, only 20 of the 315 characters are mostly used on Rta , which even represent 10% of the character who are always play. Talking about new Character, every new one is more broken than the previous , making some old character totally powercreep and balance patch often doesn’t help a lot 

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epic7#gmo65lI am  a day one player and I dont think E7 is dead, just kinda neglected.

Anything above 1 Million USD is not near dead imo.

this is how a dead game looks like.

But I agree, E7 should stop fighting with its own fanbase by creating unnecessary drama.

imo E7 has great potential. it has better animations than fgo and friendlier to f2p but somehow the dev have  a habit of shooting their own foot.

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WalphHe just over dramatic, i am play from day 1 too ,still casual spend for cool hero animation , but yeah have on off issue not always play, but never leave e7

My friend and guild same too, they like e7 always come back to play,this one best gacha rpg game

But yes majority player alrrady leave but well maybe one day comeback again like my friend and guild member

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epic7#gmo65lStruggle? Are you braindead? They are making a stable 3~4 million with Global every month. The China market is also doing really well, yet you want to call it struggling?

And no **** that the routine is the same, you're playing Epic Seven, a gacha game. It comes with the territory. If you want something entirely new, play a different game on the side. 

And yes, RTA could be better and SG is dropping the ball there severely. Nobody is denying that.

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