Elvira bros, how do we feel about adjustments?
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Elvira bros, how do we feel about adjustments? [11]

Be honest, I want to hear everyone's opinion

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I don’t want her in my team ,So I don’t care 

The adjustment is good, but it should not have been released as it was. Those of us who spent Bookmarks feel cheated…

As someone who spent bookmarks I can say that I do not feel cheated. They quickly announced they would be making changes once the exploit was discovered and the changes they made only improve her for what I'd intended to use her for in the first place.

Had they nerfed her into the ground things would be different. But all things considered I think they handled the situation pretty well. Could they have released her in a better state? Sure, but mistakes happen and I'm happy with the resolution.

I want the restriction on S3 to work only in pvp

Now she have no use at all in pve(maybe tank in wyvern but we have loads of those that do better job)

was the buff really necessary ?

now she feels like one of those "unstoppable" units

absolutely bronze take

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sykopompabsolutely not

I was just asking a question

and now you can add Elvira to the heroes that "ignores the rules"

Maybe unstoppable was the wrong word… It sounds more like you’re referring to the condition/restriction/exception skill description creep that punishes players who are not aware of every little nuanced unit kit.

If that’s what you mean, then I feel like it’s an inevitable part of an aging gacha game. Unfortunately necessary since nobody likes nerfs.

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unstoppable was a bit of exageration...but whatever

E7 wants so bad to be pvp
but with the constant powercreep and the fact that to get and sometimes build a unit might cost you money, it's understandable no-one likes nerfs

and since the balance patches are so scarce and absolutely terrible...it doesn't help

good adjustment that makes her kit identity more fleshed out and not just a "i press one button and do nothing else" 
her s1 is good and has synergy with her immortality
s2 is a good change and i agree with just making it a flat out soli s2 passive copy paste and not tied to a condition, s3's def break is great.
i personally never really thought of recalling her since i initially pulled her for her to counter the fs units, but im glad she stands in a way healthier more prominent spot and definitely seems to be a very competitive pick in comparison to her base shallow kit.

Her"buffs" are good. By seperating the s2 from immortality requirement now you dont need to do her s3 first. Even if someone use soulburn to ignore res, it doesnt matter. She can still act as an anchor.

Her damage would prob still meh but now her s2 have more utility and her s3 can soften priority target like ayufine.

It is a good patch tbh..

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