5★ Covenant Hero Elvira Balance Adjustment and Future Direction
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Developer Notes


Developer Notes

5★ Covenant Hero Elvira Balance Adjustment and Future Direction [487]

Hello. This is Epic Seven.


This serves as a preannouncement for the balance adjustment of the 5★ Covenant Hero, Elvira, introduced in the 1/11 update.
We've identified instances where equipping Elvira with a specific Artifact has led to battles lasting

longer than intended, causing discomfort in World Arena and other content. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.

To address this issue, we are internally discussing the adjustment details for some of Elvira’s skills.

Our goal is to ensure Heirs can use and face the 5★ Covenant Hero Elvira without discomfort.

To prevent excessively prolonged battles, certain aspects of Elvira's skills may be adjusted.

Consequently, a recall will be conducted for the 5★ Hero Elvira, giving you the option to select
another Covenant Hero if you wish. Detailed information about the balance adjustment and the recall
schedule will be officially announced once the details are finalized.

Once again, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by this issue.

Thank you.

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So you're nerfing Elvira 9 hours after the release. I'm still "Searching/Pulling" for her...and maybe like me, a lot of other people.
So I suppose now you will refund "AT LEAST" all the resources I spent on the banner...right?
Or you will refund gold, skystones and covenant? Just asking...

You will give a me a recall? (I already have all RGB characters)
I was pulling Elvira for the kit that she have "NOW" not for the one that will have "LATER".
So I expect that you will refund me ALL the resources that I spent on the banner. "LATER" I'll then decide whether or not to spend the resources on her again, if you convince me "LATER" with your fix and not "NOW".
Else it was literally a scam/illegal move that you've done SG.


I dont want a selector refund me my bookmarks


uuh a recall and we get a selector? i pityed this unit i want my like 3k skystones back i dont need any other rgb also i get my mola and runes back right?????? how about you guys idk PLAY YOUR OWN GAME?? and this would happen

Okay, so here's my question, cause I don't really understand the need for a recall, will Elvira be removed entirely or "relaunched" with the needed change? Because if she's removed entirely, I'm not upset, but I think for future reference, you could create groups to beta test characters (whether through faculty or players help) and see if a character would be problematic with a certain aspect or equipment. Understandably that would be difficult to do, and Elvira is the only character (to my knowledge) to have a recall, but I'd still at least like to see Elvira come back with her needed changes, and because I'd like to see more vampire characters aside from the already in-game ones and moonlight counterparts.

- Apologies for the small rant, but I will continue to enjoy the game and hopefully the people working on this game continue doing amazing work on it.

Refund my sky stones

I have every other covenant hero. Why would I want a selector?

im liking this changes for ML Kise her real problem was those stupid counter unites that nuke her the rest for me arent unites i care for with the exception of Hwa this is a further nurf in practice removing that 30% att stats further will make her hit like a wet noodle before nufs that 50% att was what made her hit so hard that down to 30% made her too weak because she still needed att% buff to even kill those tanky brusers now that that's not there anymore well even with the att% dif scaling similar to Straze ult with out being able to crit for no reason now that she has no stats buffs as a pasive she wont kill anything not the tanky bruisers not even those squishy 8k hp dps that will have as much att as her now with an att buff :D bruh test your unites pls in game vs actually well build meta unites before making pointless changes that further nuft a weak unite

I will get refund , right ? I spent too many gem for this character, also her artifacts

There are lots of other heroes that cause more discomfort when playing against. Will you nerf them too then?

So I wasted a bunch of summons on this hero and never obtained (40 pulls till pity).  Great.. good job!  

just got it after 21 pulls and now it will be recalled?what a waste of gems

Be for ******* real **** 

I have dropped $40 in cash on this game in the last 2 weeks, now one of my pulls (Elvira) has disappeared… I don’t want a selector, I want Elvira refunded back into my roster. This is bullcrap. Totally unfair to make us re-try to pull her again. It’s not cheap!

This is just wrong and also I just pulled her I have not pulled a five star character for at least 6 month and thought for a while I should uninstall this game. You have to make this right as I've had trouble pulling 5 star characters for a while with my resources with even down to 40 pulls left and time was up so I'm pretty mad.

This is a regular banner. I wonder if it is a new moonlight, is it fair to return the old moonlight?

Đây là một trò chơi gacha và nếu bạn hoàn trả số vòng quay thì điều đó không công bằng cho người may mắn, hãy công bằng

Wait, so you guys take away Elvira from our roster and just give us a selector (thats basically what recall means right? Never played a game where they take away the character just to nerf em, so ridiculous)?? How bout we keep Elvira and get the selector. She is going to be useless but I like her design. Or even better, we keep or lose Elvira AND get back our bookmarks/skystones we used to summon her.

Recalls are optional, you don't have to use the recall option if you want to keep her.

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KumahimeNice! Thanks for letting me know!

I spent 150 bookmarks and 8k skystones for Elvira… please refund my resources!!!! Selector doesn’t make up for that!!

Interesting. Let's see what will come from this.


nah i prefer my bookmarks, like you do with Alencia, and this is way worse than that 'cause you atleast make an advice here in the official forums before the summon start.

A recall don't solve anything.

YDCB foresaw this nerf the instant he pulled her LMAO!

Please give skystones instead, i spent all that skystones I was able to save up for 2 months straight and never got her still. I had like 9k+ skystones spent on her.

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