Luna, the oldest hero still doesn't get anything for almost 6 years.
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General Discussion


General Discussion

Luna, the oldest hero still doesn't get anything for almost 6 years. [6]


No seasoning limited

No Skin
No buff

No story

No side story

No art

No chibi

and No even in 4 cut cartoon.

This is just pure sad

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She got buff

All of her story showed in EP3

Why seasoning limited need when she's limited? Do any hero has 2 limited ver?

She is one of the best choice for PVE DPS

She still work in some PVP fight. She can kill ML Yufine with S3 then kill again after Holy Sac with S1. Build her with 50% speed of A.Lot.

It don't need to be limited , Like Tenebria or almost old female hero like now has 5 version.

everything else if you really not a nitpicky, you would under stand.

but i do understand some people always has nitpicky behavior because it's only way they can show of that they are smart.

Yufine get summer - Fine

Luluca get summer - fine

Charlotte get summer - Fine

I want Luna get summer - WhY sEaSoniNg liMitEd nEed WhEn sHe's lImItEd? Do any hero has 2 limited ver?

what a b***ch

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CocoIronHaha, the nitpicky one is you. And why you example Yufine, Luluca? The limited I commented is heroes who first appear as limited : Diene, Landy, Cerise that non of them has another limited version. I just commented the truth.

If you really want summer version, it will be skin or ML. Did I attacked you or commented "you will never see Luna in bikini"?

What a b***ch

What are you on, Luna did get a buff ages ago. Also mage Luna, which appears to be an ML version, appeared in a valentine side story with Vivian.

We don't count **** buff same as ML Haste .

Mage Luna isn't ML Luna already confirmed by Smilegate and they won't release Mage Luna. also Mage Luna and Luna are different person so story doesn't count. 

also where are you live it already confirmed so multiple time that Mage Luna get cancel.

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2024.01.02 22:26
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Lobby skin is nice but it should not replace hero skin.

2023.12.31 10:11
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Luna, the oldest hero still doesn't get anything for almost 6 years. [6]

2023.12.30 23:00
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