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General Discussion

Blood Moon Haste buff suggestion [9]

S1 - Blood Scythe
Attacks by swinging a scythe, dispelling one buff. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster's max Health. If the target has no buff, deal additional damage proportional to the caster's max Health (10%). 

(Decrease normal damage multiplier by -25%)

S2 - Grudge
When an enemy is revived, dispel all debuffs and grants all allies a barrier and immunity for 1 turn and resets the cooldown of Moon Slash. Barrier strength increases proportional to the caster's max Health. Increase the caster's max Health by 5% and can stack up to 4 times. Then dispelling all buffs, Ignores Effect Resistance and attack the revived target with Moon Slash. Moon Slash activated by this skill can activate once every 2 turns.

(Random if more than one revived target)

S3 - Moon Slash
Attacks with a scythe, recovering Health of all allies. Penetrates Defense, but cannot trigger a critical hit. Damage dealt and amount recovered increases proportional to the caster's max Health. Decreases damage suffered by allies by 10% when this skill is available. When more than one damage reduction effect is granted, only the strongest effect is applied. Damage dealt increases by 10% every time an enemy die or revived and can stack up to 80% (+20% per revived).

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Simply make Skill 2 "Inflict Extinction whenever an enemy is killed".

Current BW.Iseria's anti-revive is an aura effect. After she dies, enemies can be revived normally.

Not sure with that. I don't feel different much between ML Haste and Biseria with that. Why we need 2 ML 5* with same effect?

The reason why I stick with his S2 is because Biseria stop revive while ML Haste make your team benefit from revive. 

His S3 will increase damage, AOE heal, barrier, imunity and dispel debuff. It's more reason to use him in different situation from Biseria. After +30% effect (2 die 1 revive) his S3 will deal around 9-10k def pen, it already good damage for soul weaver and better in long fight because Bisesia usually die in 2nd or 3rd turn.

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epic7#bjlebnBW.Iseria is squishy so she can't deny enemy revive heroes just by being alive (And it's an aura effect instead of Extinction). Plus there are a lot of heroes who have similar features.

Every game's goal is killing all enemy heroes. Letting them revive is against your benefit in the first place :(

You can add Hit Chance or Injury to his S3 though.

the effect for max potential is so slow...

and i think he is dead because revive meta is not so relevance right now.. and his shield is so bulky whenever someone revive

i think he need another niche. 

He is for bruiser team if you want faster better use Biseria. The effect isn't slow, die +10 > revive +10 > Moon Slash and die again +10 = +30%. He can also double Moon Slash to heal team twice. ML Yufine is meta and everywhere right now with 90%+ Holy Sacrifice. Dispel barrier from Holy Sac then S3 penetrate def with +20% damage effect.

Hi friend! My last reply to you made the comment section bugged so I try to re-reply here.

(Challenge accepted)

Usually the ideas accumulate and finally formulate different hero concepts in a couple of months. When your request is designed I will reply under your comment. Is that okay?
Btw, there are a few past entries that have features you required:  (Skill 2)  (Real life time)  (Accelerate time)  (Reset the game)

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dotaplayerhmm.. some of hero from the link is so bizzare and kinda broken..

i would like something more normal.

i thought im the only one see the bugged comment section. lol

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epic7#bjlebnI prefer if he can be use a lot as a unit in PVP. if his sole purpose is to counter revive.. then he is kinda dead..
unless SG decide to smoking weed on revive meta.

Your buff is strong, but he needs an extra niche. For example:

S3 - Attacks the enemy with a scythe, removes all buffs, and deals 5000 fixed damage. Damage is proportional to the caster's max health (reduce S3 damage scaling).

This gives him two types of damage: penetration and fixed. It provides a niche against units with damage limit effects.

Consider another buff if you think we already have enough fixed damage units. The above is just my suggestion; I strongly feel he needs a new niche.

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MyrzzI prefer his S3 to heal instead of remove buffs, don't forget that he's soul weaver. Add 5k fixed dmg look good but it's also nerf his damage, his S3 can deal pen 7k without +damage effect and also make him need some effectiveness build. It's better to just have new hero with more offensive (dmg+spd) to do this job than him.

The fixed damage effect is better for knight or warrior heroes when they can build high ATK or DEF and equip Uberius or Rocket Punch

I don't think there a new niche need now except against fighting spirit. It's should be warrior with decend damage deal and passive -50% fighting spirit acquire while also use fighting spirit himself. 

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