The First Orbis Fashion Show! Who's the Best Dressed?
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Closed Events


Closed Events

The First Orbis Fashion Show! Who's the Best Dressed? [1K]

Hello, Heirs! This is GM Sez.

Heirs, welcome to the first Orbis Fashion Show!
Our runway today is the STOVE Community!

And the theme for this grand event is about to be revealed... DRUM ROLL PLEASE!
The chosen theme is 'Flower,' evoking the essence of a stunning garden!

Who among our candidate Heroes will best exemplify this theme with their attire?  Pick your choice! 

Leave a comment to participate, and every participant will receive a free gift!

■ The First Orbis Fashion Show! Who's the Best Dressed? Event

[Event Schedule] 

12/14 (Thu) ~ 12/20 (Wed) 


[How to Participate]
1. Select the Hero who is the best dressed from the list of candidate Heroes below!
2. Leave your comment following the format below!
 ㄴ Comment Format: [Nickname/Server/Selected Hero]

Candidate 1. Byblis

Candidate 2. Destina

Candidate 3. Amid

Candidate 4. Briar Witch Iseria

[Event Rewards]
All Participants:2 Leif
 ㄴ The participation reward will be sent to your in-game mailbox on 12/26 (Tue). (Storage Period: 7 Days)

[Please Note!]

- Make sure to write down your correct nickname and server info in order to claim your rewards.

- Event participation will be based on the ‘in-game nickname’ you provided.

   ※ Rewards may not be given out correctly if you change your nickname.

- Participants can only win one event prize per account and duplicate entries will be exempt from receiving rewards.

(You cannot participate in the same event on other STOVE communities with different languages.)

- For more details about our event policy, please visit our [Event Regulations] page.

We hope many of our Heirs participate in the event!
 Thank you.

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Bonchon/ Global / Amid

MidjetGizmo / Global / Amid


Piweemandee / Global / Byblis

shodas/ Global / Byblis

reyeia / Global / Byblis

PascalSickem/ Global / Amid

Fuyuumi / Global / Amid

Bannou / Global / Briar Witch Iseria

ZMDPheonix / Global / Byblis

Sorenthy / Global / Byblis

chidudu2 / asia / Amid

Kindano / asia / Briar Witch Iseria

kingsgad/ Global/ Byblis

Jacrard / Global / Byblis

Finaré/ Asia / Byblis

hpham474 / Global / Byblis

Hsouna / Global / Amid

Salviarist / Asia / Byblis

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