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Q&A Board

Gold resources. [3]

I play about 70 game days, but although I play for about 10-15 hours every day, I could not find a solution about the gold source. I don't know if it's just me or everyone, but I need gold for everything, to install and remove equipment, to level up, to renew the store, but in no way, if there is no leif, it is even more impossible, does anyone have a solution to this?

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In addition to what Brendan90 said, on a daily basis you can reserve all your energy refills (not leifs, the energy on your mail) for the time you activate +10% daily gold bonus for 1h then use that hour to burn your energy in Hunt (background auto battle) and sidestory/UH on normal auto. 

Some additional tips:

1) It's difficult at times but don't use gold to remove and equip gear

- Save free equip scrolls or wait for free unequip events to regear all your heroes.

2) Sell equipment

- Only keep 3-4 Spd pieces or pieces that have at least 3 Useful Stats (either DPS or Support)

- Even if it has flat main stat roll 3-4 speed gears to speed check (except if it's a boot).

- For example DPS can be Atk% / Crit% / CritDmg%, Spd

- Support varies but the most important are HP% / Def% / ER%

3) Be picky with upgrades.

- After knowing which pieces to keep, start with +3 for purples or +6 for red/epics

- Purple gear needs to roll high into 1 of the 3 stats you need on it on the 1st roll or else just sell it.

- Epic gear always go to +6 if it has speed. As long as it goes into Spd once 3-4+ it's worth going 9+ for Spd or high roll into stats u need. If it low rolls or goes into a stat you don't want early it's better to sell it unless you get high stats possibly for PvE or an offset piece.

The 2 Best Ways are:

1) Farming UH30 on +30% gold events (Best)

2) Farming Hunt on +30% gold events

Save all your Leif's and prepare your Hunt + Adventure Pet's for these events.

Overall the best way to farm gold is repeating Side Story - Unrecorded History Stage 30. It has the highest gold per energy. You will also earn AP to buy catalysts, and charms. If you have a hero that can solo it, you can also bring 3 heroes to level up.

I use Rem on Counter+Crit with Sigurd, but any Lifesteal (LS), Sigurds Scythe, etc. to Heal should be able to clear it.

Like ARavi (Spd+Pen), Violet (MLDB+LS), ML Bellona (Counter/Sigurd), etc. Heroes that attack all enemies (AoE) are better/faster. If you need to bring a healer M.Doris is the MVP Soul Weaver. Other strong Healers are Destinia and Roana.

Wyvern 13 doesn't give as much gold, but is still very valuable to get materials and gear.

Spend gold wisely! Speed check 3-4 spd gear and only upgrade gear past 3/6 if it rolls high into stats you need right away.

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