(Added on 11/9) Additional Announcement Regarding the Awaken Potential Update

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Developer Notes


Developer Notes

(Added on 11/9) Additional Announcement Regarding the Awaken Potential Update [102]

(Added on 11/9)

Updates related to Awaken Potential will not proceed, and the existing Balance Adjustment method will remain unchanged.

(Added on 11/7)

We would like to provide further clarification regarding some points that were not entirely clear in the Developer's Note published on 11/6 (Mon). We apologize for any confusion that this may have caused.

Awaken Potential will not be implemented on new Heroes. However, it will be applied to existing Heroes regardless of their starting grade.

Hello. This is Epic Seven.


We would like to extend our sincere apologies for any inconvenience and confusion stemming from the recent Awaken Potential update preview.


We've been closely monitoring your feedback through various channels and would like to address some concerns and provide additional details regarding the upcoming Awaken Potential update preview.


Regarding Awaken Potential for New Heroes:

We have received feedback from many of our Heirs regarding the implementation of the Awaken Potential system on newly released Heroes. We acknowledge that this decision was made hastily without taking into account the potential pressure it might place on our Heirs. Thus, we will focus more on implementing Awaken Potential on existing Heroes instead of new Heroes, regardless of their starting grade.


Regarding the Growth Range of Awaken Potential:

We've also received feedback about the potential risks associated with an overly expansive growth range due to Awaken Potential. Concerns about creating an imbalance between Heroes with the Awaken Potential system and those without it, as well as how Memory Imprint levels impact game balance are valid. We take your feedback seriously and are committed to minimizing any potential balance issues arising from Awaken Potential's growth range. We will reevaluate and rebalance the stats of the four Heroes set to receive Awaken Potential, including Krau.


Direction of Improvements Heading Forward:

We recognize the need for a more structured feedback process and are actively working to enhance it. We are thoroughly reviewing all the feedback you've provided, including your suggestions for improvements after the Awaken Potential update. 

We are committed to consistently reviewing and implementing improvements to alleviate the challenges and pressures associated with Hero growth. This entails considering various aspects, including disparities among different Heirs (new, returning, and existing players), introducing new methods to acquire Memory Shards with added convenience functions, refining the direction for balancing targets, and improving the Hero selection process for Awaken Potential.


We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and concerns that our Heirs have faced. 

We are dedicated to listening to your feedback and making Epic Seven an even better experience for all.


Thank you.

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This still just means that you replaced half of our regular balance patches with balance patches we need imprints to benefit from.
Remove the imprints from the potential awakenings entirely.


We know you need to make money, how about removing unequip cost and 15% from PVE so most people including new players can stop getting frustrated and leave your game once they realize this 2 legacy tech exists in your soon to be 2024 gacha game? 

Less Frustration generates more fun and fun generates revenue for you. You're Welcome


Just cancel the awaken 2.0 rather than make everything more complicated

bring the awakening back, there isn't a single crybaby that cried for the update that also read the update entirely. They all claim it's a whaling mechanic while they fail to understand the current state of the game AND the update itself.
I fail to see how going from A(whales SSS day one any units, f2p gets a slate a year) to B(whales SSS day one, players can catch up with imprint boxes)
while at the same time the awakening process is limited by erudite light in time gated altars... it doesn't matter how many SSS can whales get, if we ALL GET THE SAME amount of erudite light, resulting IN THE EXACT SAME AMOUNT of awakened stars.
and the imprint mechanics only activate if they get to a certain awakening star.. in this case everyone gets the stars in the same time.
BUT YES, PEOPLE NOT KNOWING HOW TO READ AND UNDERSTAND A PATCH can cancel an entire amazing update...
sometimes I wish that SG had the balls to tell crybabies when to shut up, or at least raise a vote with transparent data after

Im surprised that someone as imbecile as you exists.

this update is good only for 3 star character!!!!

u need more money SG? lets think about that....

the 50€ package is reduced to 10€ and the 10€ to 2€ and so on...

the real question would be. is it profitable for the company to lower the prices - will there be that many more buyers than before to exceed the sales of the 50€ packages? maybe?

i personally think so, but unfortunately SG is too greedy or too stupid to try it for half a year.

i think it now makes more sense to bring the masses (f2p players) to the trough with low, really affordable prices, instead of just relying on the electorate - who are automatically becoming fewer and fewer.

why are wales becoming fewer? because the masses are losing interest in the game because it's becoming p2w and therefore it's no longer content for the wales because there are no more small fry who want to see the game because they wouldn't play the p2w stuff anyway.

i think this way of thinking (which pretty much ALL greedy mobile game companies have) is complete garbage and should be reconsidered.

As a f2p, i just wanna say  fk all whiny piece of **** player. Since when paying mean nothing what do u thinks this game is fk PVE Fate Order, Azur lane or sth. Paying money to collect frame, pet, Art, skin. The game is dying because it become fk old, nothing to do more. When i see the Merurin mail i feel fk hype . The game can still grow. Even though i just get cleave when closer charles outsppeed my 295 C.Lilias. Everybody will get a cool as fk mechanic with one and only one dupe imprint.How generous is that. Ist rolling dupe is the fk easiest way to get imprint. And know y can farm beside that. The gap between f2p and p2w so fk small. Newbie cant afford awaken potential. And since fk when playing 3 years not fk matter. Of course i am stronger than new player and forever should be unless they pay more. If you get **** on it means you missplay or bad rng that all. If you are "competitive player",  u should be fine with that because since when it MUST BE YOU top 1000 player? 

are you ok bro ?

Your idea smilegage will finally kill this game, like after so many tries you guys will finally end it.

Krau with DLC,  I literally can not
So nice of you to sell balance changes

Thanks for listening to us. This seems to have taken care of all of my concerns.  :)   

As far as structured feedback goes one of the best ways to implement things the players want. They simply ask us "what do you want? "  

Come up with some ideas. Put a poll up.

Then take the one that reads the highest and put a poll up about the different options. 

they just announced they gonna scrap the entire system completely, LMAOOO spineless developers, weak af hahahahaha

oh btw, now that we know they're spineless, to all the players here, why don't y'all do the same thing in the next balance patch? like brutally bashing them in forum/social media until theres at least 10 usable heroes in every balance patch xD

Do you not know how to read? They said they would just review and adjust it, they did NOT mention scrapping anything thus leaving some of the playerbase still frustrated. and They are not spineless, they did this Awakening 2.0 for money, if they do not listen they will lose a lot of players leading to profit decline

profile image


profile image

Dhoygyothere you go :)

Awaken Potential Update Canceled (onstove.com)

sounds like a nice update with these changes looking forward to it

"Regarding Awaken Potential for New Heroes:

We have received feedback from many of our Heirs regarding the implementation of the Awaken Potential system on newly released Heroes. We acknowledge that this decision was made hastily without taking into account the potential pressure it might place on our Heirs. Thus, we will focus more on implementing Awaken Potential on existing Heroes instead of new Heroes, regardless of their starting grade." BRO, I don't think you understand. This **** is bad as hell and don't ever bring it to this game or even think of it. It's killed multiple game communities. Just don't do it.

A lot of blablabla for an excuse to try having a garbage idea pushed. There's no way that anyone did not expect any backlash from this. Scrap the entire idea instead of powercreeping.

just fire the fool that came from netmarble that keeps make ******** decisions from outerplane-epic seven dont you guys learn from just 1 mistake?  do you guys really need anger the chines market just to understand how stupid your decision have been for the past year  bring back yuna kim

Ademas si quiren poner un despertar deveria ser sobre los 7 epicos que ya perdieron protagonismo. Agp aso como que se fusionen con sus Guardianes o algo por el estilo

Lo mejor seria que esto se aplique para heroes de 3 estrellas que formaron parte de eventos importantes en las historias del juego como el principe Heider, Adlay, Batise, Bask, Eaton, Elson, los integrantes de la iglesia del Caos. personajes que tuviero una participación importante en las historias secundarias y en la historia principal ya que a estos ni se los utiliza pero se los tiene en cuenta.

To be frank, I am far from pleased with their explanation. It feels like SG is engaging in a bit of verbal sleight of hand. They say the new system won't affect new heroes, but what stops them from changing their minds later? They offer more free imprints, but they could easily make essential game features dependent on high-level imprints for strong heroes. The imprint-based system seems designed to profit only SG.

PvE players, used to grinding, may hit harder content tailored for upgraded heroes. Casual players will find it tougher to get new heroes as arenas and GvG grow more challenging. Even heavy spenders will sense the strain as the RTA player base dwindles, competing less for advantage and more to maintain status. This model is likely unsustainable.


I hope that where you say "Thus, we will focus more on..." you mean "only" old characters.

I am just a dolphin playing around one year. The packs are insanely expensive but I'm happy that I can get all ML 5s and play around with them. Because this game doesn't need COPIES!

I think this won't be true when this stupid system is launched. And I can see E7 is becoming greedy over time. I'm gonna quit no matter what you promise and what restrictions you put on this system for now. It's just an entry point for future money sink.

I hate the one who comes up with this idea and ruined my old E7. 


Definitely one big step in the right direction removing Awaken Potential for new/upcoming heroes. Thank you SG, and to all the players who fought against a predatory P2W system.

However, the potential blossom (if still tied to imprint kit upgrades) creates an unwanted precedent that may be abused in the future to require A to SSS imprints to unlock significant skill changes. This cannot happen in a successful PvP game. I completely understand the constellation system may hamstring otherwise great heroes, but what about including stats in passives (e.g., STene's stat buff in passive) or by simply changing a unit's zodiac sign in a balance patch?  Yuna Kim, E7's content director previously stated no additional complicated mechanics of upgrading units such as 7 stars would be added, which seems forgotten in 2023.

There are many ways to successfully monetize a game without dupes and I ask you just consider long-term viability and what has made this game so loved for 5 years.

I miss Yuna. I hope she coming back to Smilegate.

its not an "step in the right direction" and you shouldnt thank them for anything

this is purely PR talk, pay attention to the whole text and analize how they never said they are backpedaling on anything, they just say "we looked at feeback" and that's it, since we dont know the final numbers on anything, we will never know what got revisited

dont fall for the PR talk crap, they are still going full speed ahead with the system

Just forget the idea, lets all do as this never happened. I would appreciate more imprints, but I rather not having them if that opens the door for this predatory system later.

I mean, what will stop you from waiting a lets say, a year or so, and then you will come up with an excuse to implement this bs in new heroes? Take your imprints and leave that part of the game alone. Just scrap the idea.

Thanks for the ml selector.

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