Merurin's Express Mail - Awaken Potential and more
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GM Board


GM Board

Merurin's Express Mail - Awaken Potential and more [109]


Hello, Heirs! - This is GM Dominiel!


There's only one person who threatens Epic Seven's adorable mascot, Arky!


The cute delivery girl, Merurin!

Even Arky can't help but eagerly anticipate Merurin's arrival, as she always brings a bunch of special news to share with the Heirs!



What news will be waiting for Heirs in the second half of 2023?

Merurin’s Express Mail begins now!


■ Merurin's Express Mail - Awaken Potential


(Added on 11/9) Updates related to Awaken Potential will not proceed, and the existing Balance Adjustment method will remain unchanged.


■ Merurin's Express Mail - The Secret Garden

Are you prepared to discover the hidden secrets of the Larunda family's mansion,

a place perpetually infused with the fragrance of flowers and the greenery of evergreen trees? 



■ Merurin's Express Mail - The Return of the Moonlight Hero Recruitment Event!

Merurin returns to the Moonlight Theater to bring you news of the Moonlight Hero recruitment event! 

Who could be Merurin's top pick?

And we also have exciting news about equipment enhancement improvements from the Queen of Everything, Chloe!




■  Update Preview

In the second half of 2023, new Heroes will be joining our Heirs!

Are you excited? Which Hero would you like to spend the year-end with?


Coming Soon!





Once again, that’s all for Merurin's Express Mail!

For our busy Heirs, Merurin has prepared special viewing rewards, so check your in-game mailbox right away!


■ Merurin's Express Mail Viewing Rewards

1. Schedule: 11/3 (Fri) 09:00 ~ 11/5 (Sun) 14:59 UTC

2. Eligibility: All Heirs

3. Details: Watch Merurin’s Express Mail and log into Epic Seven to receive the viewing rewards!

4. Viewing Rewards


※ Collect your viewing reward from the mailbox by logging into the game within the given distribution period. (Storage Period: 7 Days) 



Thank you.

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As a less then a year player locking this awakens behind imprints could be a very bad change and make me quit all together bringing a huge rift between newer and older players just make recent players not even wanna play the game and even harder entry barriers. Hope im wrong but this sounds terrible and making pvp an even bigger whale war. Also its kinda lazy money printing just more imprints more stats more abilities, doubt any1 in their right mind that is not a whale wants that


Yeah Ravi is perplexed and wonder if she needs to whale SSS imprint...... seriously you gonna pull this off after lethe event?


Holy moly why so many doomposters already!? Like, chill, guys. So far, the new imprint system looks like Awakening Potential exclusive, and they already showed that it can be F2P farmed. Even if it's not, and system is applicable to all heroes and whales can get huge advantages of it - so what changed? If you're average champ and below player, nothing changes for you - the 1000-2000 whales are going to fight among each other in emp-legend ranks anyway. The biggest factor splitting players is number of great gears. You may have all SSS imprints in the world but if your opponent is 20+ spd faster, you lose anyway. Besides, whales were SSS-ing new heroes on release for years now, so again - what changed?

La verdad si me gustó mucho.



Me interesa 

Se vienen buenos eventos 

new change hahahaha new advantage for whale i guess😆 nicely done sg 🤣🤣

Buen contenido viene, Gracias.


God ggs 


Bad att


Muito bom parecido com o 7ds





Expand the Equipment Inventory PLEASE :) need more gear to roll, so at least be generous by giving 200 slots more maybe? 


Bueno sera verlo en persona haber que tal va la actualización 

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